Is AKL "dark"??


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Mar 23, 2000
I'm one of the many who will be shuffled to another resort during the CBR refurbishment :( .

At this point, no one is sure where they'll put us. However, it seems as though AKL was offered last year to people shuffled from POR/POFQ, and possibly may be offered this year as well.

If that's the case, I just have a question for all AKL experts....are the rooms at AKL dark? My MIL is visually handicapped and needs to be in places with lots of light so she can get around easily.

If the rooms are dark, this may be a problem for us. Just trying to plan ahead.



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Jan 11, 2001
Hi Kim,

I have read several posts about the rooms being dark. I have 2 rooms booked for next May and am also travelling with my MIL. I figure they can't be so dark that it would ruin our stay there. My MIL will complain, because she complains about everything.

However, if your MIL has a visual problem, then maybe a call to the hotel directly is in order.


Mar 21, 2001
We just returned from AKL last weekend and yes it is rather dim in the rooms; the lobby and hallways are fine but the rooms are not that bright. Don't get me wrong they are beautiful and very well decorated but they are dim.

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Sep 21, 2001
If you have one, you might want to pack your lighted makeup mirror as well. The vanity area is *especially* dim.

But we don't regret staying there at all!!!


Aug 6, 2002
I heard someone say that they replaced the lightbulbs in the room with higher wattage and the issue was solved. Worth asking.


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Jun 24, 2000
I stayed in a hanicapped accessible room with my grandmother. There was enough light for her, and she is a complainer too.:D In a handicapped room, the vanity is in the bathroom area and there is plenty of light. Our closet had a very bright light in it, which made it easy to get things out at night. We brought an extra lightbulb just in case, but we did not use it.


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May 16, 2002
The lighting is horrible and for that reason I won't stay there again. The rooms are gorgeous and the feeling is nice I will visit, eat at Bomas but stay at a well lighted resort so i can pluck my eyebrows when I feel like it.:D

Terry S

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Aug 9, 2001
I stayed there in May and enjoyed the resort and especially loved waking up in the AM and looking out the window at the animals. BUT, the rooms and decor are both dark, dark, dark. I even felt the hallways and lobby were dark. For this reason I will not stay there again! I am glad we stayed there because I was really curious as to what it was like and now I know. Maybe if you take 100 Watt bulbs as others have suggested.


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Jul 14, 2001
I am a teacher of the visually impaired. We stayed at AKL and yes the rooms are a bit dark. You could substitute higher watt bulbs if needed but the glare could be bad. Not all people who are visually impaired need more light some need less and for some the glare really bothers them. Check with your mother in law about her condition and ask her what she really needs. How severe is her condition and what will she need to do in the room. Will she be reading or will she just need to be able to move around. The lights around the vanity are very good and this should not be a problem. The resort if a very beautiful place if the room can be adapted for her I am sure you would love it. Good Luck!


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