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  1. ttacandtad

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    Mar 15, 2007
    just typed save vmk into a google site and there were 60,400 for save vmk . pretty cool. we may yet get through to disney. bugchris, myself and the rest of the family are working on letters to mail to disney, and to all our shock, my dad who only plays vmk if the grandkids are over and they are playing together informed us all yesterday night that he wrote a letter to disney already about closing vmk. wow that is so cool. oh for those of you who dont know my family we have three generations playing vmk together, and get this on occasion we have even got my 85 year old grandmother to play although she needs a lot of help, so i guess you would say 4 generations. how can they stop a game that brought 4 generations of a family closer together!!
  2. PirateBell

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    Aug 26, 2006
    I don't Know.. but I totally understanad about the generations playing vmk.
    I am a grandma husband and our son plays..and our grandson plays...well with help but he loves to pick out his suits and he loves to see the ghost! I don't know of any other online game that brings not only families but generations of families together. Yes it is Disney game..but
    that's what so sad about this whole thing...Disney usually brings families together...not interfer or break them up!!! It don't make any sense???
  3. LuckyDesi

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    Feb 23, 2008
    More and more I'm thinking Disney is all for bringing people closer together as long as it makes them a very tidy profit. Upper Mangement has no idea wht this game is about; if they had bothered to ask their kids and grandkids to play they'd know what it means to shut it down.

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