In a panic!! How about Hampton Inn Maingate East?


Aug 19, 1999
I read the great reviews for Hampton Inn Maingate West and got all excited but then realized that my reservations are for the Hampton Inn Maingate East. I have never stayed offsite before, but with the discontiunation of early entry we decided to try it. I got a $58 rate through expedia which cuts out hotel cost in half from my All Star Movie reservations.

Has anyone stayed here? I would appreciate any information you can give me.

Thanks Sherry
The Hampton Inn Maingate West is about 1.5 miles West of Disney.

The Hampton Inn Maingate East is about 1 miles East of Disney.

Both offer the same features and amenities, and both are nearby to a wide variety of restaurants, gift shops and small attractions.

The MW property is a bit newer, but all Hampton Inns are well maintained and very up-to-date, so that shouldn't be an issue.

There are several other Hampton Inns in the Orlando area as well.

Hampton Inn South of Universal Studios....about a mile away from the park.

Hampton Inn International Drive Area.....they are offering $35 rates through their website at - Can't beat the value!!!

Hampton Inn Universal Studios....across from the park.

Hampton Inn Convention Center...fairly new hotel.

Hampton Inn Orlando airport shuttle.

Hampton Inn Florida till you drop!
Is this the one near downtown disney??? If it is, my sister stayed there and said it was nice. will you be renting a car???? She had her own car, so i don't know about the transportation.
Disnee Dad Says................................................ Sher, please update this post. All Stars never charges $116 a night as your post implies. I would look at Courtyard or Grovesnor, at Downtown Disney, as they seem to be running specials under $50 a night. I have stayed at both of these places, and they are very nice. And this comes from one who says you need to stay onsite! Have a great trip!

Ok Disneedad... I exagerated a little. My rate at ASMo is $109, which is not quite double the $58 rate at the Hampton Inn Maingate East. You caught me. Still, that is a lot to pay for a value resort--especially after hearing about these $49 rates everyone seems to be getting all through the year.

Sorry--didn't mean to misrepresent.

Disnee Dad Says.......................................Didn't mean to "catch" you, and I apologize if you felt caught. I would look hard at Courtyard or Grovesnor, I am seeing some $35.00 nights for the Courtyard all the way to November!! If its true I'm going back! Both of these places are actually nicer than All Stars, yes I stayed there too, but you won't get any Disney themes and that is important on a first trip, but maybe not on a third or fourth trip. Sorry I called you out, but I believe there are many newbies out there that think our word is the total exact way it is at WDW. If you see a Disnee Dad, all the facts are confirmed, although I do have opinions and share them. My biggest pet peave is, "although I never watched XXXXX, I don't think you'll like it". Or," my god don't stay at the Hampton Inn Maingate East", even if I don't know where it is,or what it looks like. Have a great trip! And remember, your worst day at WDW, will be better than your best day at work!! Because Disnee Dad Says so!!
No problem Disnee Dad...

I sent my message in fun. I understand your point and wouldn't want to give anyone incorrect information.

I looked into the Courtyard I think and wasn't able to get one of those low rates for the week before Easter, but things change and I will keep looking. I agree that the Disney theming is less important for the third or fourth trip, but I am worried about taking the chance. If we get down there and find it is more important to us than we thought we will be stuck. I don't see us getting back for a couple years and by then my kids will be in high school. God forbid they lose the magic (of course their mom is 38 and it hasn't happened yet haha)

Thanks so much for all the replies. I have decided to not decide at this point. I'm going to focus on the trip planning. I've never planned a trip that didn't revolve around early entry. It's a whole new world.


Sherry, some friends of ours have stayed there twice. I believe they were quite happy there.


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