I'm here again!

Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by RIP@HM4afterlife, May 17, 2002.

  1. Hey you guys. I'm back from working hard in school. Sorry I havn't been on lately! Do u forgive me?

    My new thing(since I have been working hard ing school:

    It has commenced...exam week is upon us in full force, seizing what sanity I have left after a menacing term. The thought of a pure, utopian society has faded while Dorman has captured the last breath of any rational existence and conquered our self-worth. In coming days it is likely to see a plethora of unpleasant faces staring into an oblivion that can only be experienced by the Dorman society. The underlying prolificacy in which this institution so loves to put forth has taken a toll on our already feeble carcasses, in result of consuming repulsive dining hall rations. The possibility of survival is a distant notion...God help us all...

    Dorman is my high school

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