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BWV 2001
Feb 24, 2001
Say I currently have 500 pts at BWV and I purchase 150 pts at BCV.

If I am making a ressie at 11 months at BCV will I have any access to the BWV points at that point (for use at BCV)? At a minimum I could book a 300 point ressie borrowing 150 and then "pay them back" out of the BWV points, right?

I hadn't really though about it before, but it seems like spreading points around a little can significantly increase your flexibility in using the 11 month window.

Lemeno if I am thinking about this correctly.

yes and no - yes you can borrow - but once borrowed you can't pay back. It goes into the current year and you can't pay back. but if you plan your vacation every other year you can stay at BCV.

I own at OKW, VB, VWL, BWV - (and yes I would love to buy at the BCV but the budget won't at present allow it). - most of my points are at OKW - but I own enough points at VWL and BWV to stay 5 nights in a studio in December each year (or 5 nights in a 1-bedroom every other year). I love to go to WDW in December - so I did it this way to be assured that i would be able to stay where I wanted to.
I believe you could also do a transfer of points from one account to the other. I have never done this, but it seems like it should work.
When points are transfered, they retain their original home resort and use year.

Doesn't matter whether they are being transfered from one person to another or any other way you could imagine.

Now that I think about it, one person can't transfer BWV points to BCV points in any manner at all. One person may have more than one contract and in order to use the points for complete days, may transfer a handful of points to complete a full day... but there is really no transfering that one person can do with themselves. MS is quite flexible on the number of transfers for the purpose of completing whole days.
We own 300 points at BWV and 50 points at VWL and have never had a problem making a reservation with one set of points and then at the 7 month window reallocating points so that we are using points from another resort.

For example, when we first added at VWL on the MB incentives were only $5/point which we did not think was worth it, so we actually got "last year's" allotment of points when we added on. We made a reservation at about 10 months at BWV and had to borrow some points to do it. At 7 months, we reallocated the 50 VWL points to the existing reservation, freeing up 50 BWV points that we then banked into the next year, essentially replacing the points we had previously borrowed. Sounds confusing? I confuse myself sometimes. All I know is that at around 7 months I call and make sure that I am using up whatever points are going to expire the soonest... even if I have borrowed to make the reservation, that still sometimes frees up current year points that can still be banked to make up for the ones I borrowed.

No matter what you do (including any transfer), points applicable to a particular resort will always remain applicable only to that resort when it comes to the 11 month v. 7 month ressie window. Thus you can use BWV points 11 months out to reserve only at BWV and BCV points to reserve only at BCV.

If you borrow BCV points to make that 300 point ressie, you can at 7 months out replace some of those BCV points with BWV points; however, points once borrowed always remain borrowed and thus you will not be able to send any of those borrowed BCV points back to their original use year.
I accept that concept that borrowed points can not be returned. But what about the current year's points. Per Lisa F. those can be banked to replace the borrowed points (which effectively results in returning borrowed points)?

The example would be a BCV ressie at 11 months

150 BCV 2002 pts
150 BCV 2003 borrowed points

At 7 months the 150 BCV 2002 pts are replaced with 150 BWV 2002 pts.

The "released" 150 BCV 2002 points are banked replacing the borrowed 150 BCV 2003 points.

Does this work?
I think so but I am not sure - if Doc doesn't respond to this send him an email - he understands it better than the guides or MS.
Tinker Bell

You have that exactly right and perfect.

As long as banking windows are considered, that is exactly how you do it.

PS: I am as good as Doc
I am under the impression that yes your points can be used at any of the Home Resorts. But as stated by others, where ever the "points" are allocated, they are considered "Home Resort Points" any only the amount of points there are good for the 11 month window otherwise if you need to combine points, you'll have to wait for the 7 month window.

Ex - You have 150 at OKW, 50 at VWL, and 50 at BCV.

Lets pretend a couple of years from now it becomes very hard to "add on" to other Home Resort vacation times. Now you would have enough points to contunue a decent stay with your 150 points at OKW with the 11 month window to start calling. During the 11 month window you ask if you could add another 3 days with your points from VWL and BCV, Member Services tells you "not at this time - there are no avaliablities with your points, try at the 7 month window to add on"

Mabye this is a harsh expectation, but when I decieded on how many points I wanted for my first purchase ( 300 VWL ), I wanted to assure myself I could book at least a decent amount of nights for 1 long stay in a 1 bedroom or 2 vacations in a studio at my Home Resort using the 11 month window because the 300 points I bought are supposed to be "reserved" for that 11 month window.

If I am wrong, someone please correct me, for I have not signed my contract yet and chose my points based on my theory from what I was told and have been reading the last couple of days.

Good Luck !

Tinker bell,

What you described works fine. But the difference in putting those 2002 points into the 2003 year is that the 2002 points MUST be used in the 2003 year (ie you can't borrow them back into 2002, and you can't bank them into 2004). You're not really "replacing" the 2003 points because of these additional restrictions.

Sounds perfect.

The word "reserved" in this case means that no other points from any other resart could ever be used at your resort to secure a room during the 11 month window.

What can actually happen is for people's points that were used for COncierge Collection or cruises or safaris and the like, are used to reserve your resort for cash paying guests so that DVD can recoupe the money from those turned in points.

AGAIN, these points will ALWAYS retain their use year and home resort.
Thanks everyone!!!:) :) :)

I think I got it.

Grotto -- I appreciate your point.

It IS possible to leverage (2x) the number of points available for use at the 11 month window and still have full points at each resort the following year (as illustrated above).

In fact, I could reserve with 300 points at BCV at the 11 month window two years in a row. However, I could not do it for a 3rd year as I wouldn't have bankable points to put into 2004 (at BCV).
You cannot use the BW points at BC at 11 months out whether you transfer them or not. You do have several options though. You could bank and borrow the BCV points to get enough for that one year. You could also make BCV reservations with the 150 points and make the rest of the reservation at BW at the 11 month window then at the 7 month window, try to change the BW points over to the BCV. This gets a little tricky as you can't just substitute the points. You must actually cancel the BW and then schedule the BC reservations separately in order to use the BW points. The BC reservation must still be available as a separate reservation to make this work.

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