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  1. MrsSaraG

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    Feb 18, 2015
    FP+ day is 30 days from now! Which means only 90 days until our trip! I'm trying to nail down our plans and would love if someone could give me thoughts, opinions, things I missed, just overall critique my plans! I have some questions interspersed. And they are quite lengthy - I can't help it. It's a curse.

    It will be my DH, DD5, and myself. We are staying at AKL and will be there from Nov 10-18. We have 7 day Park Hoppers. DD is just over 40" (so not tall enough for the 44" rides) and she LOVES thrill rides. We are typically park open to close type people, but I'm pushing for downtime this trip (still not sure any will happen during the day, but maybe more earlier nights and later mornings).

    Day 1 – Saturday, November 10 – Arrival Day

    Flight lands around 10:35 AM. Fingers crossed we can be to AKL by noonish. Get checked in and grab lunch at the Mara. Then explore the resort. Possibly head over to the Boardwalk to play some mini golf. Dinner reservations at Boma at 7:00 PM.

    Day 2 – Sunday, November 11 – Epcot

    · Breakfast at Trattoria al Forno 7:40 AM
    · RD Epcot
    · Head to Test Track (if it’s open, I feel like it often has issues at RD)
    · FP+ for Spaceship Earth (probably 9:00-10:00, or would 9:30-10:30 be better?)
    · FP+ for Meet Disney Pals (I realize this probably isn’t necessary but not sure where else to use it? Timing immediately following Spaceship Earth)
    · Meet Baymax and Joy & Sadness
    · FP+ for FEA any time after that (preferably earlier than later so we could attempt a 4th FP+ later)
    · Enjoy one of the last days of F&W and WS
    · Illuminations if we aren’t super tired

    When should I fit Soarin’ in? Try for that after Test Track, 4th FP+, or later in the evening? Also, will try to hit The Seas with Nemo at some point.

    Day 3 – Monday, November 12 – AK

    · Not necessarily going to RD today, but will try if we are not tired.
    · Going to attempt a FP+ for FOP, will probably take any time I can get, if I can even get it at 60+3. If I can’t get FOP, I will FP+ Navi as we have a 2nd day later in the trip specifically to get a FOP FP+
    · Will walk around exploring Pandora
    · FP+ KS
    · FOTLK at 12:00 (can we take food into the show? I think it would be good to grab lunch or at least a snack and eat while we watch, otherwise I will have to rethink this time because my DD will be wanting to eat by now)
    · Pangani Forest trail (maybe?)
    · Discovery Island to see the Tree of Life, I somehow never went over to this last trip!
    · Adventurers Outpost to meet Mickey and Minnie

    I always feel a little lost with AK. Last time we were there we did not spend a ton of time there, and I feel like we missed a lot. I’d like to explore more this time. We do not have TS reservations this day. Not sure if we will even stay for ROL. We may leave early to go over to Disney Springs.

    Day 4 – Tuesday, November 13 – MK & MVMCP

    · RD MK
    · FP+ at BTMM (9:00-10:00)
    · FP+ PotC (10:00-11:00)
    · FP+ 7DMT (11:00-12:00). Will attempt moving these earlier once we tap our bands.
    · Have a 12:00 reservation at Tony’s Town Square with the FoF Dining Package
    · Will take our time at lunch and then possibly grab Starbucks before heading to the Parade viewing area
    · FoF parade at 2:00
    · Maybe try (earlier in the day) for a 4th FP+ for Jingle Cruise.
    · Then hit the Aladdin ride
    · Line up for Moana (Assuming she’s back for MVMCP and assuming she comes out around 5:00 as she did last year)
    · MVMCP – Which I have not figured out plans for yet

    Day 5 – Wednesday, November 14 – MK

    · Would like to attempt getting to MK as close to RD as possible, but it will be a late night the previous night so we will see. If we do make RD, maybe attempt Space Mountain using Rider Switch. We can utilize that if we don’t FP+ correct? My DD won’t be tall enough so DH and I will have to ride by ourselves taking turns.
    · Ideally I’d like to FP+ 7DMT (again because my DD will LOVE it) 9:00 – 10:00 AM and get on later in the FP+ window. Let me know if it’s possible to do both rides before 10:00 AM.
    · At 10:10 AM we have reservations at BBB
    · At 12:05 PM we have lunch reservations at CRT
    · FP+ Enchanted Tales w/ Belle 2:00 – 3:00 (Does this need a FP+?)
    · FP+ PP 3:00-4:00
    · Then hit all the other rides we had not been able to do at our two MK days or go back to AKL for a short nap. Not sure about that though since doesn’t it take like 30 mins to get to AKL from MK?
    · 7:30 HEA Dessert Party. Fireworks aren’t until 9:00. I have no desire to get to the party at 7:30 and will use some of that time to keep riding rides. Will probably head over to the party at 8:15 PM to enjoy some desserts before the show.
    · There are EMH until 11:00 this evening. Not sure if we will take advantage of this or not.

    Day 6 – Thursday, November 15 – Epcot/HS

    · No FP+ (We will be saving them for HS later in the day)
    · Plan on mostly sticking to Future World and hitting any rides we missed earlier in the week
    · Lunch reservation at Garden Grill at 1:00
    · Park hopping to HS
    · FP+ for SDD (3:30 PM or later) and checking out Toy Story Land
    · FP+ for ST (5:00 PM or later)
    · FP+ for ToT (6:00 PM after Star Tours)
    · We will be looking to see Jingle Bell, Jingle Jam, which I believe is 8:30 PM

    What time should we try to get our first FP+ at HS if we are having lunch at Epcot at 1:00 PM? How is the TSMM standby line now that TSL is open?

    Day 7 – Friday, November 16 – Hollywood Studios

    · Ride RnR single rider line because DD won’t be tall enough yet so we will each have to ride on our own
    · FP+ ToT (9:30 – 10:30)
    · Beauty and the Beast 11:00 AM
    · We have lunch reservations at Minnie’s Seasonal Dine at Hollywood and Vine (Fantasmic Package) at 12:15 PM – We will work our FP+ around this, but will try to get them all before lunch.
    · Frozen Sing-along 2:30 PM
    · FP+ Voyage of the Little Mermaid for the 3:30 showing (Is this necessary? Or would this be better spent for the Frozen sing-along or Beauty and the Beast?)
    · FP+ AS2 sometime in the afternoon (will be able to figure out timing once I figure out what show to FP+)
    · Fantasmic 8:00 PM

    I would also like to get the new Disney Jr show in on one of our HS days. Once the schedule has been released maybe I can work that in.

    Day 8 – Saturday, November 17 – AK

    · EMH this morning, but it’s more likely we will want to sleep in at this point.
    · FP+ FOP (or Navi, depending on what we get on our AK day earlier in the week) (10:00 AM)
    · FP+ Dinosaur (11:00 AM)
    · Donald’s Dino Bash (I need to find more info on this)
    · FP+ Everest (1:00) and use RS OR Do the single rider line and use the FP+ for something else, maybe KS again? I hate to make my DD waste her FP+
    · UP! A Great Bird Adventure 3:30 PM
    · Dinner reservation at Yak and Yeti at 6:00 PM

    I’m thinking this will be an early night after that to go back to the room and pack.

    Day 9 – Sunday, November 18 – Departure Day

    · Breakfast at O’Hana at 10:00 AM
    · Explore the Poly
    · Disney Springs if we haven’t made it prior to today
    · Or enjoy a little bit of time at AKL
    · Tragical Express picks us up around 3:00 PM

    If you read this to the end, thanks for sticking with me! Did I miss anything? Too much scheduled in one day? I tried to keep things from walking back and forth all over the parks too much.

    Thanks for your suggestions and help! :thanks:
  2. cdurham1

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    Jul 18, 2014
    Looks well thought out and reminds me of my plans on my upcoming trip.

    On Sunday, you are planning on RD at EP. I saw some recent info from touringplans and have been checking the lines app to confirm it probably makes sense to FP+ TT. RD Soarin' and then go to FEA immediately after. You are right that TT is too often down at RD. I wouldn't plan on it first.
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  4. disneygirlsng

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    Jul 16, 2017
    I think overall it looks pretty good!

    One thing I noticed is for your first Epcot day, the Character spot meet and greet is a tier 1, so you cannot have both that and FEA.

    You can not bring food into FotLK.

    Looks like you are only planning on hopping one day? If that's the case I would probably drop the hoppers, or try and use them more.

    I would definitely recommend the 2 main walking trails in AK, Gorilla Falls and Maharajah! AK is my favorite park because there is soooo much to just walk around and explore.

    TIME4DIZ Mouseketeer

    Apr 24, 2013
    I noticed that you identified your first AK day as 60+3, but it’s actually 60+2. Not a big deal as far as touring goes, but something to be mindful of while you weigh your odds of getting FP for FOP.
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  6. sharonabe

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    May 22, 2009
    Since you're coming in from the back gate, I would rope drop FEA then head to Soarin' right after. Book a throwaway FP+ for 9:00 to any Tier 2 attraction you can get, but if it's one you can actually tap into on your way from FEA to Soarin' (don't use it, just tap), then you can begin to rework your others. So initially you would have throw away from 9-10, TT or SE for 10-11 and the other from 11-12. Once you tap in, see if you can move the 10 if needed. It may take you that full hour to do FEA and Soarin' and this won't be needed, but it gives you the option.

    With that said, the character meets will build pretty quickly. You may want to fit them in after Soarin' and before your FP+ for TT and SE. I'd still do the thruway FP just to give you the option.

    BTW make time for the Pixar Shorts on one of your EP days. Great place to cool off and enjoy a laugh or two. They are very well done.
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  7. ENJDisneyFan

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    Mar 4, 2016
    Overall looks pretty good. A few thoughts:

    Day 2 - Character Spot FP was recently moved to Tier 1, so you won't be able to get both that and FEA. Also I would meet Baymax/J&S right after TT as that line can get really long.

    Day 3 - FOTLK isn't really a show you would want to eat during. For nearby QS I would suggest Harambe market or Flame Tree BBQ.

    Day 4 - Are you sure you want to RD MK and MVMCP on the same day? That seems like a very long day for a 5 year old. At the very least I would probably build in an afternoon break at your hotel.

    Day 5 - You should be fine doing Space Mountain and SDMT both before 10am

    Day 6 - If you are interested in all the rides at TSL, I would consider swapping your day and doing HS at RD. If you head to AS2 first, then TSMM and get the FP for SDD you can get all of TSL done and out of the way. Then finish your FPs at HS and still make it to your 1pm Garden Grill.

    Day 7 - Single Rider line for RNRC can sometimes be long. You might be better off getting a rider switch instead.
  8. intertile

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    Apr 14, 2006
    Day 2 - definitely fp TT. I would RD FEA, and get a 4th FP for Soarin. It shouldn't be an issue at all.

    Day 3 - no food allowed in theaters. Definitely try the 2 trails, and possibly though to be a bug 4d show?

    Day 4/5 - with MVMCP scheduled on day 4, you will be able to walk on most rides. You may want to consider shortening day 5 at MK and hopping to another park or DS

    Day 6 - first fp at 3 or later so your not rushing over to HS

    Have a great trip!
  9. 10CJ

    10CJ DIS Veteran

    May 10, 2015
    You said you were pushing for more down time but I am not seeing much down time. I agree that RD right into a holiday party seems like a long day, especially for a 5 year old.
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  10. Spencer Wright

    Spencer Wright Constantly craving a zebra dome...

    Jul 31, 2017
    I was pretty much sold on your plan after seeing AKL!!

    It looks great, however are there no afternoon pool breaks or anything similar? I understand the pool may be closed or it may be too cold; but we have found from experience that without an afternoon break it can be really difficult to go from opening to close.
  11. chelseabun76

    chelseabun76 I have my own Disney Angel <3

    Aug 12, 2014
    We will be there at the same time as you, and 3 of our days are planned out for the same parks and pretty much the same ideas! I'm not going to MK the morning of the party though on the 13th, I figured if we're staying late, that will be way too long of a day... so we're going to either hit the waterpark spur of the moment if the weather is warm enough, hit up another park for a few hours, or just chill at the resort and make our FP for 4-7pm before the party and show up then. :)
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  12. CML's mom

    CML's mom Earning My Ears

    Jul 19, 2018
    I agree with others about FP for Test Track in case it is down. The lines for FEA haven't been as long recently and Soarin is better with 3 theatres. We got TT and are taking our chances on the others when we go.
  13. nkereina

    nkereina Last chance to lose your keys.

    Feb 11, 2009
    If using Disney transportation, be mindful of how difficult it can be to get to a 7:40 breakfast at the Boardwalk. I would recommend taking Uber.

    As for Soarin, I would do that after Test Track. By all accounts, the Soarin wait times are most manageable throughout the day now. Shouldn't be an issue during the dates you're there.

    This is a LONG day. If it were us, I would sleep in to prepare for MVCMP. You don't want to be tired and dragging come party time, especially when you've spent all that money. If sleeping in isn't in the cards, at least take a mid-day break to nap or relax to get some energy back so you can maximize your time during MVMCP.

    If you're worried about losing out on MK time by sleeping in or taking a break, maybe consider adding MK to your arrival day. Whenever we arrive by 12pm or earlier, we always do a park on our first day. We are anxious to get to a park, and otherwise feel like its a waste of a day if we don't take advantage of the early arrival time. It's usually a negligible price difference to add an extra day to your tickets, if needed. Alternatively, you'd also have time on your last day to do MK. You could even move up the Ohana time to accommodate it.

    Lastly, I think Disney Springs is worth scheduling a night for. We have two nights scheduled on our upcoming trip. There is so much shopping and so many good dining spots now, we want to check it all out at a leisurely pace.
  14. DVC_Dad_Canada

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    Mar 27, 2017
    Personally, I'd take a resort hopping day to see all the hotel Christmas decorations.
  15. StacyStrong

    StacyStrong DIS Veteran

    May 8, 2018
    I would not rope drop MK and do a party with a five year old on the same day.
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  16. kwdw

    kwdw DIS Veteran

    Oct 27, 2010
    Main points:

    1) Definitely no food into FOTLK. Plan time to eat.

    2) No way I do rope drop and MVMCP with a 5 yo in one day. Or a 55 yo. It's just too long a day. Go later in the day. I'd plan your FP for the afternoon at MK - and as late as you can get them. The park gets crowded when day guests and party guest merge - so you need to have a plan for that time. Maybe eat then.

    3) I'm not sure how early/long your travel is on day one - but I'd frankly plan 3-4 hours at a park on day one - maybe AK for a FP for KS and FOTLK only. It's literally a 30 dollar difference for you. And with the time being that short - you shouldn't need a stroller - so it really could be a quick trip to the park. I'd also move your Boma dinner to 6pm instead of 7pm. The earlier dinner will give you more time to deal with getting the 5 yo to bed in a new place - and more chances everyone sleeps well. And this allows you to plan the Nemo show on a different day at AK - which really is a great show. I think this is EASIER than going to play mini-golf. Everyone just needs to be clear it's just a quick stop - with more to happen later in the week.
  17. MrsSaraG

    MrsSaraG Mouseketeer

    Feb 18, 2015
    Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions! I will be going through all of them and taking a look at our plans.

  18. YesterDark

    YesterDark Mouseketeer

    Aug 4, 2017
    If you RD your kid may not make it to HEA. I would do another part that day or take off before the party.

    Back to back MK days? Bold move cotton.

    Good plan overall though, cheers.
  19. Tksolomom

    Tksolomom DIS Veteran

    Nov 9, 2017
    On your HS day, you might want it o do SDD later as the ride is better in the dark with all the lights. You can see the track so it isn’t really scarier.
  20. mi*vida*loca

    mi*vida*loca Collect memories, not things

    Mar 29, 2008
    Looks exhausting. Especially the MVMCP day and the day after. My daughter is 12 and we aren't hitting a park before MVMCP or doing rope drop the day after.

    Personally I would also plan more downtime especially since you are staying at a deluxe resort. We always do midday breaks by the pool and we have them planned for our November trip, weather permitting. If not we will figure something out but we really aren't RD to close type people. I like to enjoy my resort and get away from the crowds.
  21. YesterDark

    YesterDark Mouseketeer

    Aug 4, 2017
    I fully support breaks in the day. At AKL it may be a waste of time going back and forth to the parks. I think it's a 30minute bus ride each way to and from the Magic Kingdom? So in the middle of the day that's an hour of travel, plus the time it takes to get in and out of the parks, plus the wait time for the bus (if you're going to do the bus), then getting situated in the resort. That's anywhere 2-3 hours in the middle of the day just getting ready for downtime and gearing up to go back out.

    Personally, I would suggest relaxing character meals or other dining experiences near or in each of the parks.

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