If you could buy into only one DVC resort...

Which one DVC resort would you buy into?

  • Vero Beach (VB)

  • Hilton Head (HH)

  • Old Key West (OKW)

  • Boardwalk Villas (BWV)

  • Villas at the Wilderness Lodge (VWL)

  • Beach Club Villas (BCV)

  • Disney Institute (DI)

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10+year DVC owner
Dec 19, 2000
Which DVC resort would you buy into if given the opportunity of picking only one home resort
(this doesn't have to be the one you actually own now and it can be any of the ones that are now sold out)...
We were already in love with the WL theming, so VWL was what got us interested in DVC in the first place. Frankly, we probably would have bought if we could only stay there for 40 years.

But thank goodness we do have so many options. I can easily picture types of vacations and people we bring that could make any of the DVC homes a great choice for a particular vacation. Except the new DIV....I am not familiar enough with the Downtown Disney area to see why I would want to base there. And we're not big on the night clubbing at PI. But I bet we'll stay there at least once to see what it's like!
I'm going to vote for BWV with my home resort HH a close second. DH would not agree to purchase on site and we both fell in love with the quiet and laid back atmosphere at Hilton Head but I think my heart will forever be with the action and excitement of the Boardwalk! I even asked my guide what were the chances of a small add on (I think he is still laughing at me!).


I'm in the process of trying to buy a 220 point resale for OKW to add to my 150 OKW even though it would be so much easier to buy BCV (and I wanted BCV until now) so I guess it's safe to assume it's OKW for me! :D
I love and own at both OKW & BWV. But if I could only own one then I would pick BWV because it's easier to get OKW accommodations with BWV points than BWV accommodations on OKW points.

:bounce: :bounce:

what does this say about HH & VB?

I think it says that people usually buy DVC because they love WDW and then they branch out to explore the other options such as Vero and HHI. DVC is almost exclusively marketed at WDW so they haven't really tapped into those who (can you believe it?) don't like WDW as much as they like vacationing elsewhere. DVC seems to have abandoned expanding outside of WDW with the exception of the first two resorts. I think it would require a commitment to a new line of business that they aren't willing to make at this time.

;) That's long winded -- but you asked. ;)
Can't pick! In this hypothetical situation can we still trade to the other resorts...or is it where you own is where you stay?

I love both my home resorts but for different reasons!vv v
I agree with PamOKW, that DVC is heavily marketed at WDW. But I think a poll here is going to reach mostly people who love the Disney parks. If you were to poll people on a bulletin board that mostly reaches beach lovers, they would overwhelmingly choose the DVC beach resorts above the theme park locations. JMHO.
When I was deciding to buy in the summer of 1999, I had stayed at OKW and loved it, but also had stayed at the Beach Club and loved the YC/BC/BW area. So it was OKW resale or BWV direct (not too many BWV resales around then). I wanted to stay at OKW in May and BWV in early December. I picked BWV because I had heard it was more difficult to get reservations there at 7 months, especially for the beginning of December. After 2+ years and 4 trips (2 at each), I'd do the same thing again.
I also agree with Lisa P + PamOKW, DVC is geared to WDW, we are very happy with OKW........but we also wanted the Ocean view and more relaxfull vacations at a beach front location. So we are very satisfied with both OKW and VB:D
I love all three of our homes BCV, VWL, and HH. Not in any particular order. I could easily fall in love with a Hawaii or Cape Cod off-site DVC.
Sorry - I clicked the wrong resort!!! Inadvertently hit the BWV button - sorry, but I would NEVER buy at BWV. My choice is and will always be OKW.
OKW because we like the South Florida style. We live 2 1/2 hours from Atlantic city and 5 minutes from a mountain...spruce
We have only tried Bwv and Okw so far, but as of now I have to vote for Bwv. We liked to be able to walk to epcot or just the walk the boardwalk. We will try Wlv in May, so things could change.:smooth: :smooth:


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