If it's not the cats it's the kids!


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Jul 20, 2000
I got a call from DS#2 yesterday that he was on the way to the ER. He hit his head on a handtruck at work (can we say klutz). His coworker was driving him and he was bleeding. I was to meet him there. I had to pick up DS#3 from morning camp. The bus was late dropping them off. I finally got to the hospital which is over the bridge (I had to wait for a boat to go through). He was sitting there with an ice pack. We ended up spending 3 1/2 hours there and he need 6 stitches. The doctor did an incredible job and you can't even see them. They are right in lower eyebrow. This is the same kid who fractured his elbow after football practice by falling on a stone. He fractured it again when he fell of a basketball hoop playing on a wet court at 1 am in college.


DIS Veteran
Sep 7, 1999

The MAIN reason I keep my very active boy highly insured!!

Glad he's okay!


DIS Veteran
Aug 19, 2000
You sure don't have boring kids.:) I'm glad he's doing well. As a fellow klutz, I sympathetize with him.


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