I said Goodbye to "Keeper"

Tony M

Remember 1999
Sep 19, 1999
I will miss "Poseidon's Fury".
Even though the "keeper" had much more latitude than previously or maybe they just so drastically have change the script in the intro than a year ago, this show has still missed the mark.
It is still one of my favorite can't miss attractions at IOA if not for only the effects alone, but the show needs more help than just merely a re-write.
With all that they have done the final room/scene it still lacks punch. Not in the effects department, they are the best and have steadily improved since opening. But it is what the characters say and do is that is so unfulfilling. With the rewrites in the first two scenes you can kind of see where they want to go with this, but it's the final scene/room that needs to be rewritten and it's format seems to prohibit that without a total redo of the film.
RIP "Keeper"
I agree, it seemed too short of a show, and I really thought it was missing something, as great as the attraction is/was.

I think the problem is, it is pretty different than most other attractions at IOA, since everything has to be explained to people who don't follow ancient mythology. Almost every other attraction at IOA (And most other parks in Orlando) is based on something more familiar.

I think something in the line area with descriptions would be better (a la Dueling Dragons).
Well, I can add one thing:

The new show won't be any longer. Actually, the entire show right now from preshow to room drop is 20 minutes.

Besides, capacity and long lines are an issue, and the current capacity of Poseidon (about 1,200 guests per hour) really can't be reduced by making the show longer than 20 minutes.


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