I need to book a limo from the airport to the Swan???????


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Sep 15, 1999
I beleived I used Atlantis Limo last time but I have a meltdown and lost all my favorites?

Can anyone help me.I want the one that is owned by Scooby.


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Please do Tiffany Towncars. They are awesome with great drivers. And we thought they were extremely reasonable!

On Glos list for the Swan/Dolphin it mentions transportation and the cost of Limos - I wonder if they have their own or if they contract it out - in any case, you might get a comparison rate from the conceirge at the Swan. Enjoy your trip with whomever you use!

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Yes, the Swan has its own limo that you can use, or a towncar depending on the number of people!


Link toSwan and Dolphin FAQ!
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Definitely go w/ Atlantis. We used them for our trip 2and a half weeks go and had impeccable service, a wonderful driver and the coolest "ride" ever. We had there Suburban w/ the game/DVD screens for each passenger and were charged just for the Standard towncar. Excellent service!!! the Phone# is407-855-8983 or the website is atlantislimo.com enjoy your trip!


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