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Nov 22, 2000
We are leaving in 11 days for WDW and OKW. We have used the Publix on 192 before, but found them quite lacking. Does any one know of a GOOD super market easily accesible to OKW? We will be staying at AKL the first night, so we need to shop after we have already arrived at WDW. I read on this board about an Albertson's on Orange Blossom Trail, but that looks to be a long ways from WDW.
lacking in what way - if you want more exotic - you might like the Goodys in Cross Roads SC
Diane, there is a new Winn_dixie just up the road from Goodings. A short ride from OKW. Haven't been there yet, but read some good posts on it. Instead of going straight from Hotel Blvd, make a left and go up ¼ mile, it's on the right.

Have a great trip!
The Winn-Dixie is just past the 3rd stoplight after you turn rather than going across to Goodings. I thought they had a very reasonable selection of items.

OBT is quite a drive from OKW.

We use the new Publix on International Drive South which would be a quick hop from AKL. Just get back on Osceola Parkway heading away from AKL and keep going straight until off Disney property. Make a right at the 2nd light, HUGE hotel on right, and the Publix is down 1 mile on the left. I've found this Publix to be very good and has a lot of selection.
We use Gooding's at the Crossroads. And it's close to
OKW. Selection is pretty good. Quality is great. It's a bit more expensive compared to grocery stores up here, but I'm not sure how it compares to the ones down there. It seems a bit more upscale than a "regular" grocery store...probably because much of the clientele is WDW vacationers, many of whom are staying on property.

From the OKW guard house/entrance, take a right. Pass the Treehouse Villas and The Institute. After the Institute, take a right onto the main road (you must go either left or right here). This will take you by Downtown Disney. At the first entrance to Downtown, East Side, at the lights, take a left onto the Blvd on which all the Village Resort Hotels are. Crossroads is straight ahead after the next big intersection. Sorry for the lack of street names....I don't have my map with me.
Not knowing what exactly you're looking for in a store, I'll mention Chamberlin's. This is more of a natural foods store...on Sand Lake Rd. I get the impression its fairly small. They have been featured on the Food Network.

And there is a Whole Foods Market in Winter Park....totally out of the way, but their stores up here are wonderful. We will probably stop here on the way down I4 into Orlando from I95.

I've scoped these out since we often end up needing things like homeopathic remedies or herbs while we're on vacation...plus my ds can't have many food additives.


That's the Publix that I always go to and I think it has just about everything. We get most of our stuff there, including basics like bagels, milk, juice, etc.

There are 2 Publix on 192. One at 192 and International Drive South in the Xentury City shopping mall and the other at the intersection of 192 and 535. I think the latter Publix is a bit run down and does not have the same selection as the Xentury City Publix.

We also shop at Goodings for specialty items, things like fresh sushi ($4.50 for a California roll) and pre-made meals. They have nice containers of mac-n-cheese that microwave in a snap and their salad selection is great (but expensive). We don't do all of our shopping there since the rest of their stuff is about 25% more than the same things at the Publix.
There are two Publix on west 192 that are large, relatively new and have a wonderful selection. Head for AKL take a left at the light at the intersection to AKL (Sherberth rd) follow to a right on Black Lake (at the Holiday Inn) follow to 192 (west) take a right on 192 and follow it until you come to Publix on your right. A bit further down (before you reach 27) will be a second Publix.

Whole Foods is a wonderful store and well worth the visit. It isn't that far in the long run and if you go on a Saturday you can stop at the neat farmer's market in Winter Park. A fun break from the parks and far, far better than Goodings. Can't imagine why anyone would shop at Goodings unless that were the ONLY accessible shop (no transport, etc.).
And Whole Foods has fresh sushi and sashimi, don't they? Our Fresh Fields (same company) does....its about $5 for a pack of 6-8 california rolls. $5 for just one at Goodings? :earseek: Might as well just pop on in to the restaurant in Japan at Epcot!
Thanks for the responses. I was thinking there was an Alberson's nearer to WDW too. I had difficulty finding good dairy products at Publix. We also thought the fresh meat was lacking. Perhaps that is just because we are used to the dairy and meat products here in the rural plains states!
There's a Whole Foods/Bread and Circus(name up here) in Winter Park?? Directions? Finally!!


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