I Hate Moving


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Aug 12, 2003
We start moving in tomorrow after 4pm and 99% of this house still isn't packed. :guilty:

We went to the new house tonight to double check that everything would be ready for tomorrow. I'm sooooo ready. I'll take pics tomorrow and post them when we are back online. It ain't much but it's ours!


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Sep 7, 2000
It is exciting to have a new home, but oh, no, moving is not fun at all!!!

I think that is why we'd rather put ourselves through the remodeling process than pack everything up and unpack somewhere else.

Best of luck to you!



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Aug 12, 2003
On the upside, my house will finally be clean! :thumbsup2

When I first got sick I just laid around thinking I'd clean up when I felt better. Unfortunately, over a year later, I still don't feel like it. There is dust everywhere, spots on the door jambs, floors are dirty, windows filthy, etc. There are piles of papers on the dining room table that have been there for a year (no wonder I got a shut off notice for the power, the bill wound up at the bottom of a dusty stack of papers). I shudder to think what is between/behind the stove and fridge. The house cleaning service will be earning every dime when this joint is emptied out and ready to be cleaned. At least I'll be getting my moneys worth.

It's sad when your house gets so dirty you have to move in order to clean it :lmao:
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    Mar 9, 2000
    I pretty much hate it myself, but it was painless this last time.

    The movers unloaded the truck AND unpacked our house. By day 2, there wasn't a single box left to unpack. Ya just can't be that, can you?

    I gave the workers BIG bonuses--12 packs of beer for the guys and a leather jacket we didn't want any more for the girl...but it was SO worth it.

    I can't imagine it's going to be that easy when we move this next time.


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    Dec 23, 2005
    I moved ONE YEAR ago at this exact time. We built a new home and it was ready June 1st. I spent all of April & May organizing and throwing everything away. We ordered those enormous dumpsters and had THREE huge ones full besides a HUGE yard sale all during that time. I actually had a very good friend :angel: of mine by my side day in and day out helping me through this unbelievable job of packing and moving.

    One thing is for sure I WILL NEVER MOVE AGAIN!!! :sad2:

    Secondly: I will never HOARD so much crap ever again!!! :sad2:

    Last April I kept praying for July to get here as I knew pretty much I would be settled in...sure enough between family and friends we MADE my goal. July arrived and I finally felt like I could actually BREATHE! :thumbsup2

    We only moved about 3 miles from our house so that helped with driving back and forth. This new home was my DH's dream home and he was like 12 people in one, trying to get all settled.

    Believe me you will get through it! You WILL!! :thumbsup2


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    Jan 5, 2003
    When I moved i used what my friend called the 6 month method

    If I hadn't used it in 6 months it went in the Trash (or good will )

    we got rid of so much and really never missed any of it

    obviously there were exceptions to the 6 month rule
    but we used it as a guideline and it helped

    Good luck on the Move
    just think how Great it will be when you are in your new place
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    Sep 4, 2002
    I might be going through the same thing real soon. I am looking for a house and boy am I dreading the idea of packing. And then the shame of it all, unpacking!!!!!!!!! Boy I hope the next home I find means that I probably won't have to move again!!


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    Feb 1, 2006
    OMG I HATE moving too :badpc: :stir: :furious: :sad2: :rolleyes2 :confused3 :sad2: :sad2: :sad2: :rolleyes2 so anyway I have only moved once from Illinois to Canada and even though I moved here in August I'm still dieing to move back to Chicago..so yea I miss friends and my old house was cool too..its a whole lot of work and emotion to move :( :guilty:

    By the way, petey is SOOO CUTE! He's just like my Rosie who is a cockapoo (cockerspaniel poodle mix) Yet Rosie is 7 years old but still my lil puppy :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes


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    Jul 31, 2004
    I just helped my friend move from her parents home to an apartment. This girl saves everything and she had nothing boxed up or ready to go. Took all afternoon with 5 of us helping her! It is so easy to move if you just have everything boxed up and ready to go and labeled where it goes. I have moved 7 times and each time I get rid of more junk. Unfortunately my DH is a pack rat and saves everything!

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    Oct 28, 2002
    LAinSEA said:
    I think that is why we'd rather put ourselves through the remodeling process than pack everything up and unpack somewhere else.

    That's what we did. I don't know what might have been worse.
    the thought of selling and buying, while school and work is too scary for me.

    I give credit to everyone that does it, i'm not brave enough :sad2:


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    Aug 12, 2003
    We spent last night in our new home. Boxes and loose stuff are still strung everywhere but it's slooooooowly coming together. I'll post pics maybe tonight.


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