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  1. Aprilimgoing

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    Feb 27, 2002
    Ok so now its part two day four…….god the days seem so long……….
    Well Amanda ignoring my initial direction 3 but I did take us to AK, forgot my money, and Amanda feels I should get a half a point for the undignified incident (as I do like to look cool…once again Simon less said from you the better) and half a point for being able to scuba dive and putting mask on upside down)
    SO Amanda 3 Tanya 5………..and I know it’s going to get worse before the day is over.

    Having showered, changed and had a few coffees it’s off to the Beltz. I announce I am going to drive, just in case Amanda’s shins become too painful for her to drive.
    So ensconced in the driving seat, Amanda goes over the instructions for driving, it’s very simple she said…..Keep yourself in the middle of the road, and do not use your left foot. Shucks sounds simple. At this point my lawyer would like to make another brief statement

    “My client has never driven on the WRONG side of the road before and has never driven an automatic, as a Nurse she spends all day saving lives and it was never her intention to endanger lives while on holiday, she has been ill and would like to use that as mitigating circumstances…. Thank-you”

    SO here we go, drive out of parking space, this is so easy…what’s all the fuss about…|
    “Your not out of the car park yet Tanya”
    “I know, just getting used to the gears”
    “There are no gears”
    “I know that’s what I’m getting used to”
    And we out of the car park and heading down international drive…..ooohhh I’m a cruising down I-Drive. Just as I was getting the hang of the thing a set of traffic lights and for some reason, I do not now why…LEFT foot goes on brake. As Amanda scraped herself off of the windshield she asked me to keep my left foot off of the pedals. So I put a shoe on the left foot and spent the whole journey saying
    “Don’t use the foot with the she, don’t use the foot with the shoe”

    Not doing too bad now, then I spots another set of traffic lights, not wanting to cause anymore injury to Amanda, I gently place my right foot on the brake and pull up at the lights.
    “Why have you stopped here’
    OH DUH lights Amanda, lights”
    “Yes but you had to stop back their”
    So what’s all that about then, why have the lights telling you to stop on a white line the other side of the road…how stupid…? I mean you see lights and you stop…why stop before the lights…. im confusing you aren’t I. Anyway from there on in slowed to a pitiful stop before any traffic lights. Almost their, found I was in wrong lane, so I changed, and I looked the wrong way, and a car had to swerve to narrowly avoid us….god..It was only ONE little mistake…everybody was all right, Amanda’s nervous tick disappeared within a few days.
    Arrive at the beltz, park car and hand keys back to their rightful owner.
    Have a good scout around the shops. Don’t buy much, but have do buy two skirts in Gap Size 8 (worth buying to be a size 8) $32.00 Amanda bought a bit more. Then back into the car, Amanda driving again, and its no longer my job to Navigate, do the handbrake or drive, its my job to sit in the car and look Purdy. I think she’s being a bit harsh, but I’ll let it go for now.

    Back to bennigans for dinner, really liked it in there. Chicken, pots and veg x2 and coffees and cokes. Had a really good gossip about work. After meal went into the car park and their was a really lovely car parked next to ours. There was a horse symbol on the front, so I thought it was a Ferrari. (I do not now much about cars…understatement of the day). Amanda laughing said no its now it’s a ford, oh I says trying to recover from stupid remark, is it a Ford Stallion. Amanda by now is falling about on the sidewalk…don’t know what she’s finds so funny, beginning to regret coming with her now,
    “No it’s a Ford MUSTANG”
    “Mustang, Stallions it’s all the same…you can get up now and stop laughing”.

    Then home we go; into bed……….watch TV………more laughing at my expense as Amanda spends time muttering about left feet on brake pedals and ford stallions.

    So score now not looking goof from my point of view

    Amanda no real errors today although I am tempted to give her one for no reason
    Tanya 1 for braking incident
    1 for traffic light
    1 for cutting someone up
    1 for Ferrari/stallion/mustang error (feel this is a bit unfair)

    So end of day 4

    Amanda 3
    Tanya 9

    It will change I can assure you……………Tomorrow its off to Islands of adventure and
    “Keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle you will get wet”
  2. SpottyDog

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    Oh, Tanya. I'm startin to feel sorry fer yer,Pet.
    (Mind I wouldn't want to take a ride with yer)

    I hope Amanada starts to realise just who's holiday she's on soon.
  3. CarolynU

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    Feb 28, 2002
    Tanya I am so busy laughing that I am speechless. Fantastic stuff, if not the driving exactly. Carolyn:D :D :D
  4. squitty

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    Mar 7, 2001
    LOL Tanya..:D:D:D

    Another good un'
  5. Janice

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Great Stuff - what holidays are made of!

    :D :D :D

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