HydroGuy's Make Sure You Get On Your Favorite Ride Rule

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    Jun 5, 2005

    Ride your favorite rides as early in the trip as possible.

    Who This Rule Affects

    Multi-Day visitors


    All rides break down at times. Sometimes they can be fixed that day, but on some occasions it may take more than one day to fix them. If you go on your favorite rides early in your trip, you will maximize your chances of experiencing that ride.

    By way of personal experience, in year 2000 we were planning Space Mtn for the afternoon of Day #1 on a three-day trip. It broke down that afternoon and was down for the rest of the trip. While I had ridden it before, none of my children had. Then in 2003 when we made a two-day trip it was down for refurbishment (it was down for two-and-a-half years altogether). By the time we finally got them on Space Mtn on a four-day trip in 2005, my children had had to wait five years to go on this ride.

    Why Did I Post This Rule?

    I find myself posting answers to the same question in different threads, and decided to make a list of “rules” to which I or others can quickly link in the future. In addition, the ideas behind the rule are often posted by others so I do not claim originality for the rule.

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