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Earning My Ears
Jan 31, 2001
I have a rate of $119.00 for our first and last night of vacation at th Airpot Hyatt. Does anyone have any ideas on getting a better rate or should I be happy with this? I think maybe I've become spoiled with all of the Upsells/AP rates that the WDW resorts offer.LOL
Can I ask what day(s) of the week your reservation(s) are for? I want to book a night at The Hyatt (a Wednesday) before our cruise in December and the best rate I can find is $185 with a Sam's Club discount. I wish I could get $119.
We stayed there one night last May and managed to get a $99 rate, but I haven't seen a rate like that at the Orlando airport Hyatt since then. Even on the discount booking web sites, it's running closer to $200/night most of the time. So I'd take that rate and run with it! :)
How'd you get this great rate? I can't get anything less than $190 unless it's the senior's rate!

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That's a great rate, but if you're a member of Sam's Club try to use that for a discount. We knocked $100 off a on night stay in March.

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You usually can get a better rate for Friday or Saturday night. Weekday rates are higher. I checked for a Wednesday night in February and it was over $200.
Dznynut We ar staying there on Friday the night we arrive and Friday on the night we leave.

Damo All I did was go to the Hyatt website and reseve on line. They had a lot of different options at the bottom of the page to choose from.
Its a good rate. I am staying on a friday coming up and got $114.00 with AAA. I think it would be $134 on other nights.

But to find out discount rates you need to goto the Hyatt page and select Offers or Promotions (not sure exactly what its called) and then choose reservations from those screens.



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