How to take Pictures of the VMK screen

Captain Brain

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Aug 13, 2005
1: Push ctrl alt and Print Screen. (You could just push print screen, but that will require more editing.)

2: Go to Paint or something similar, Photoshop works. Push Ctrl and V to paste the image on Paint.

3: Then edit it to your desired size. Save the image, title it if you wish, ;).

4: Host it at Imageshack or PhotoBucket

5: Click Browse and find the image, then click Upload. Copy the BBCode for Forums 2 on imageshack. If you are using photobucket, the IMG code.

Hope this helps!
Click the camera and edit it by using the Photo Album. Then host it at Imageshack or PhotoBucket.
Jackoman said:
Thanks, Brain! But how do I host it?
1: After you edit it on VMK pal, click save.

2: Go to Imageshack or PhotoBucket and click Browse.

3: Find the pic and click Upload.

4: Copy the code that says Hot Link for Forums 2.
Look on the very top row of keys. It should be to the right of the F12 key.
Also... for those laptop users: If your Prnt Scrn is in blue, hold onto the blue Fn first and then push in the Prnt Scrn while still holding it. Just in case people are wondering..
on the key board next to the light for num lock


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