how to prevent kids from losing key card?


Mar 23, 2001
does anyone know of a good way to attach the hrh room key cards to my 9, 12, and 15 year olds, while they are in the parks?

thanks in advance,

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1.get them a wallet
2.put a good amount of money in there :eek:
3.tell kid "this is YOUR money" :D tape kid to wallet tape kid to park
6.forget #5

bring the hulk on!
I don't suppose gluing it to their foreheads will work. :) If they are going to get an IOA passwort (a stamp book like the one at Epcot's World Showcase), you can put the keys into the pastic holder. The holder has a strap that goes around their neck. If your kids will be with you all the time, why don't you just hold onto them? It'll be easier if one person just kept the keys.


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With the styling of kid's shorts today, it's easy to find them with velcro, zip, button closures. That's all I did. Don't worry, your kids will safeguard those key cards! :) Mine did.

great idea Barry! I bet they can be purchased at Office Max too since I won't be doing Disney this time around.

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We were a group of 3 adults and 2 kids. Every time we went on a ride my husband produced just his room key and that was it. Each person did not necessarily need a key for the FOTL privilege.


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