How to order sandwiches for excursion?


Jul 20, 2002
We are planning to leave early to be at Capt. Marv's by 9:15am. I've read that we can request a packed lunch the night before to be delivered in the morning. I've looked at the room service lunch menus, do we order from that the night before? We would want to order breakfast and lunch for a 7am delivery. Thanks!
If you're going to be on a tight schedule, I'd recommend ordering the sandwiches the night before minus any dressings (mayo, mustard, etc) and putting them in the cooler box.

The breakfast shouldn't be a problem being delivered on time in the morning.

We had the early Capt. Marvins, and we just ordered the sandwiches that morning. They were there in PLENTY of time. Since we were on the inaugural, they weren't sure if the port would allow us to take any food ashore. We went ahead and put it in zip locks and a cooler ourselves, and had no problems.
Can I just order the sandwiches to be delivered with our breakfast at 7am? Tkd Lisa, did you order the sandwiches in the morning at 7? We need to get in line for the tender because it isn't a DCL excursion. Thanks, Linda
We ordered sandwiches the night before. Had them in the baggies and ready to go the next morning. One less thing to worry about.

Technically I don't think you are supposed to take food off of the ship. I remember reading a post reagarding someone having a problem because they mentioned they wanted sandwiches to take with them on shore. The person taking their room service order told them they couldn't do that etc. If you do order a lunch to take with you just order and don't elaborate on why you are ordering. We have done this twice and have not had a problem leaving the ship.
We always packed chicken tenders after cooled down in a baggie for our "road trips".

Just as good cold and easily available thru room serv. or on deck 9.
How soon does room service come if we order in the morning? I presume that we can't place the order until 7am, when would the sandwiches be delivered? Thanks for all the help!
Linda, I'm no expert, but since no one really seems to be answering your wuestion about ordering the sandwiches, I'll give it a shot! The non-breakfast room service menu is available 24 hours. I'm not sure if you can order breakfast at anytime, or if it has to be ordered the night before. But you can order your lunch while you're getting ready, say 6:30 am, and it should be there before 7. Lunch & breakfast might not be delivered at the same time, but it shouldn't be a problem getting both.
We ordered in the morning and the items arrived promptly.

And Linda...

Don't forget to order a few chocolate chip cookies! They taste wonderful and they pack well.

Have fun!
Linda - Let me be specific.

I ordered 3 PBJs, 2 turkeys, cookies & chips at about 6:00 am on the day of our beach trip in Cozumel, and it was all there by 7:00. Not a problem at all. I also ordered breakfast that morning. Seeing all that food arrive for the 3 of us was pretty laughable!

I brought a cooler bag with us that I filled with ice from the always filled ice bucket. I had a bunch of ziplocks in all sizes and I just packed it all up.

I had lots of people on the beach admiring my ingenuity. I gave all proper credit to the DIS boards! :D
We ordered sandwiches, chips and cookies to take off the ship in St. Thomas--- but when I mentioned that, the room service person said that they couldn't send it off the ship. However, he then added that if I wanted to call back in 5 or 10 minutes, and order an early lunch for later in the day that would be fine (you could just about hear him saying: "wink wink") If you want to do it, I would suggest packing ziplock baggies. It works just great. Don't forget to order lots of cookies. They're darned tasty!!


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