How to find a specific pin set while at WDW


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Jul 1, 2002
I’m at WDW right now and a friend asked me to purchase two sets of pins for her. Is there anyway to find out where I might find them? I certainly don’t mind looking, but if there’s an easier way than walking in every store and looking, i’d Like to try it.


May 11, 2012
Two easy ways that I can think of is open to he Disney parks shop app if you know the name of the set the app will show which stores have it. Also Pin Traders in Disney Springs has pretty much all current sets they would be your best bet if you don’t want to go hunting around.

What are the specific sets are you looking for


DIS Veteran
Mar 8, 2016
In each park, there is a shop which is mostly dedicated to pins and will have the largest selection in one place in that park. At MK, it's in Frontierland across from the Country Bears. At Epcot, it's the pin spot just after Spaceship Earth as you come in. At Hollywood Studios, it's an outdoor shop on Sunset Blvd across from Beauty and the Beast, near all the outdoor counter service spots. At Animal Kingdom I'm a little unsure. In the past, the shop on the right just after the Oasis as you are coming in used to have a huge section dedicated to pins, but this was not the case on my last trip. And as a PP said, at Disney Springs there is the Pin Traders shop.


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