How long is DAS kept on your account?

I had the DAS in April and wil be back in June. Will the DAS still come up when they scan my band?

I have an AP and they told me to just come in and "renew" it every 60 days. After initially getting a DAS, I have just went to guest relations with our magic bands and told them I needed to renew it. They always have seemed to just look up the info without further explanation from me.
It stays on your account indefinitely, but it loses ‘authorization’ after 60 days.

We usually go to WDW twice a year. When we go to renew the DAS, the CMs look it up using her Magicband. They often don’t even need to take a new picture.
We have annual passes, it may not work quite the same without a currently active ticket. I know, for example, that guests using CM day passes or other one day tickets need to get DAS re-authorized every day.

I know, for example, that guests using CM day passes or other one day tickets need to get DAS re-authorized every day.
We found out on the last day of our last trip that there is a way around this, but you do need the tickets for everyone in the party with you and they all must be CM guest passes (might also work with one day tickets, I am not sure) and need to be an onsite resort guest. Providing you meet these requirements and have your picture taken, they will give you an old fashioned paper DAS and note on the tickets that a DAS has been issued until the date your DAS expires, but it will only be made for the length of your onsite stay. Sure would have been nice if the first CM we got a DAS from had told us this.

Also, if you need more than one DAS in your group, the total number of people they are issued for can't exceed your party size, so let's say you had 6 people, each DAS could be made for 3 people or one for 4 and one for 2, but you couldn't have both for 6 people. This does make it less flexible than the other way where both DASes could be linked to everyone in the party in case anyone splits up later in the day, but it avoids having to go in every day to renew.

Obviously this is something that is a unique situation, but can be done. Admittedly, I do not know if this paper DAS has a RFID chip in it or if they simply write the return times on it as by that point there was no need to do it. And I think knowing it is an option in these rare cases is important so you can ask politely if they can do so.


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