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Feb 4, 2001
can someone tell me where I might be able to see the menu? What about a kids menu? We are going in 3 weeks, will I need to make a reservation now? Thanks!
If the park closes at 6 or 7 pm, then Mythos will stay open until around 3 pm. If the park closes later (like 8 pm or 10 pm), Mythos may be open for dinner. Call to check on times.

Check out a menu at: The menu changes often, but that should give you an idea on what to expect.
Originally posted by EpcotIOA
Just a note, the Menu outside Mythos said:

6pm :(

Yea, yesterday they were open until 6...and Sat. too (it was at least 6 on Sat. anyway) It looks like maybe when it's busy they're going to start experimenting with the dinner crowd a little.

Cforza: The menu is due to change any minute now, we've been waiting, and as of yesterday, it hadn't. The kids menu DID change recently, and there was a thread about it if you go back a month or so, maybe? It was called Kids eat at Universal Orlando too, or something. They have a kids burger, dueling dragons pizza, apple jack chicken fingers (usually very yummy!), one fish, two fish name a few things. They have new cheddar mashed potatoes for the kids which are yummy, or they have fries...and some of them come with a mini-corn cob.

They also have daily specials, yesterday they had a prime rib and twice baked potato with lobster in it...looked REALLY good!!! (the potato, which I tasted WAS surprisingly good!)

You may not need a reservation when you're going, but I guess it depends on what day of the week you're visiting, and how many are in your party. A Saturday at noon could require one, for example.
Thanks for all the great info everyone! Especially regarding the kids menu. When we were at IOA last year we didn't eat at Mythos since my kids didn't see anything appealing on the menu, but it sounds like the new kids menu will be right up their alley!
One of my kids had the pasta from the Mythos kids menu and it was enough for 2 kids!

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