How is the water on board?


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Apr 28, 2001
My sister,her girls, and I are going on the Wonder for 4th of July weekend and can only imagine what the heat and humidity are going to be like for these 4 west coasters, so my question is if I was thinking of bringing a refillable water bottle with a filter on it and am wondering what the water quality is like. If not that great any suggestions on how to pack a six pack or more of water in my luggage without it leaking all over the place, I can't imagine having to lug it all over the ship until the room is ready.Thanks for your input!:earsgirl:
The drinking water on board ship is sea water that is treated and filtered on board. They do have a quantity of bottled water that is used at times, also. And as TC stated, they sell individual bottled waters also. If you drink a large quantity, you may want to bring your own on board to keep in your stateroom cold box/fridge.
The water on board up at the "beverage station" on deck 9 is AWESOME. I am very picky about how water tastes and the water at the beverage stations is great.

I plan on bringing a water bottle to fill up and use by the pool.


Desalinated water, either by reverse osmosis or distillation is usually very free from impurities and may in fact have less particulates than some bottled waters.

The water on board is great.
Actually you will not be able to tell which they are using, the treated sea water or the bottled, and I have been told they alternate, so one never knows.

Just to clarify, I was not indicating there was anything wrong with the taste, just providing the info on where the water originates! The suggestion to keep water in your fridge if you drink a lot was for convenience sake only. Hope that clears this up! :)
We took bottled water for our first Wonder. I read on another cruise board that the drinking water on ships is perfectly fine. On our recent Wonder cruise we took a couple bottles on board to use for refilling and drank the water from the beverage station. It was great and didn't cost us a penny! My husband got the idea part way through the cruise to put ice in the bottle and that kept the water nice and cold. We drink Culligan bottled water at home because our well water tastes like the inside of a rusty can so we're used to bottled water.

I am pretty fussy with water, but the ship water is fine for me. We typically bring on some bottled water and then switch to ship water when that runs out.
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We brought the water bottles with a filter. Although the filter wasn't really necessary (the water was fine on it's own, as the others have said), it didn't hurt. This allowed us to take it off the ship at ports. If you think you might want something like that to carry around, the filter bottles are the same size as unfiltered.
The water at the Deck 9 beverage station and all water fountains is fine, as has been mentioned by previous posters. The water out of the stateroom faucets, however, has been treated but not filtered for taste like the drinking water... you won't like the taste of the water from the stateroom faucets.
We will have our 6 month old DD with us, and will need H20 for her formula. Should I not use the stateroom water? Should I bring bottled formula (ugh a lot to carry!):eek:
We brought 4 empty water bottles in our suitcase and filled them in the room with the faucet water. We then put them in the cooler that comes with he stateroom and after a full night in there the water was nice and cold the next day. We thought the water from the room faucet tasted fine and my family is fussy about water.

We also brought those soft coolers that you can use for your lunch. Filled them with ice and the bottles when we went to the Islands for beach etc.. The room steward put the ice in bags then we put the bags in the cooler with the water and fruit that we had gotten from Topsiders.

:) :) :) :smooth:
The Disney ships can produce (thru reverse osmosis) 500,000 gallons of water per day. This is used to suppliment the water which the ships take onboard in port. As stated above, the best water seems to be from the beverage station on deck 9 but it probably is the same water as everywhere else and only seems so much better because of where you get it, that is, in the open air near the pools on those amazing ships (only 274 days and counting to our next visit to heaven).
Originally posted by eaturpasta

We will have our 6 month old DD with us, and will need H20 for her formula. Should I not use the stateroom water? Should I bring bottled formula (ugh a lot to carry!)

Bring a couple empty water bottles with you and fill them at the Deck 9 beverage station. You won't want to use your stateroom tap for this, but you don't need to bring bottled forumla.


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