How I met Bawb - How did you?

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    I think part of the sadness that I feel for Bob's passing is worsened by knowing that the opportunity will never again present itself for me to see him across the crowd, or while waiting in line. I won't ever feel the thrill of excitement and anticipation of what he might say to me. That I won't gather more memories.

    So I thought I'd share the one memory I do have of when I met Bob.

    It started with listening to the PodCast and realizing that Bob and the gang would be eating at Le Cellier on Christmas eve, and so would we...let the stalking begin.

    I was so excited when we got to EPCOT that evening for dinner. My husband reminded me that we probably wouldn't see the PodCast crew, as there are lots of reservation times and lots of people. But I had a feeling. I wanted to run all the way there, but we were traveling with my inlaws (Hurry up!)
    As we walked up to the turnstiles to enter the park... there he was! Sitting in his cart fiddling with something. My heart skipped two beats and I became a complete coward. Was I really going to walk up to this man I have never met and talk to him? It's weird, as most of you know, because I felt like I knew Bob, but now it was dawning on me that maybe (definately) he didn't know who I was. Gulp.

    I did it anyway. I walked up to his cart and said, "Excuse me, are you Bob?"
    We chatted for a minute. I wish I remembered every word he spoke. Then I told him we were going to La Cellier too, and that I wanted his autograph. He smiled and said he had to go meet up with his friends, he was late, but that he would see me there and sign my autograph book. As he drove away he said, "Man, I didn't even make it into the paahk this time."

    We did see Bob and all the gang at LeCellier, and as promised he signed my autograph book. The rest of my family stood on the other side of the room, too embarrassed by what I was doing to come say Hi. Kevin asked me if I felt weird getting Bob's autograph. I did, but I'm glad I did it. Bob's son said," You feel weird? How do you think I feel, this is my dad?"

    I was too shy to ask Bob for a picture with him. Next time I thought... next time...

    So, here is Bob's autograph and a picture of me standing next to kaht Kam.



    Thanks for letting me share my memory. What's yours?
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    Very cool! :thumbsup2
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    That was a real nice story thank you for sharing that. It was very nice that you were able to have that experiance. I never met Bawb. Bawb played my voicemail on one of the shows it was a question about golf. My husband and I were suppose to contact him on our upcoming trip to WDW for a round of "Bawb Golf" we were looking forward to it so much. I'm sure it would have been a great time. I was totally amazed how Bawb was going to take time out of his busy day to go golfing with two complete strangers. This was until I read Pete's Eulogy that was posted. I read the part about strangers and Pete wrote, "The word ‘stranger’ was not in his vocabulary – he greeted everyone he met as though they were a lifelong friend." Then I realized that's who Bawb was. It didn't matter that he didn't know who we were, no one was a stranger. Sure will miss him.
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    I was there on Christmas Eve and saw Bob give you his autograph. (My stroller is even in your photo.) We even had the pleasure to meet Diana and Brian and Kevin's mother and father.

    I had the chance to meet Bob and the gang at the podcast meet on Dec 13. He had been really nice to my DD and she had made him a special Thank You and was really excited to give it to him that night.

    We spent our time waiting for our table chatting with Kevin and his mother. (John said hello and then hid in the corner :) ) Bob was busy signing autographs and meeting his fans. They were all really sweet to our DD who was so excited because the next day was Christmas and her 5th birthday. She had her Piglet dressed in a matching Christmas dress as her's, and talked up a storm to both Kevin, Kevin's mother and the whole gang. They were all really great.

    That was the highlight of Le Cellier for me, as we learned on the podcast the food was just alright.

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