How hard is it to navigate around during Marathon Weekend?


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Aug 31, 2007
I've run the WDW full and half marathons in the past, but this year, I'm thinking of registering for the 2018 Dopey Challenge. My dilemma is I own a house in Champions Gate (off property resort about 10 miles away). I have a large family (6 kids + wife and I). If they all come with me, it would be VERY expensive to stay on property, especially when I have a free place to stay. I was curious how hard it was to navigate your way to the corrals each day if you're staying off-property.

We are discussing possibly leaving the family behind and me doing the weekend solo. If that happens, I'll definitely stay on property. I've stayed at Swan when I did the half and Contemporary when I did the full and I definitely prefer the on property option for those ridiculously early mornings, especially if I have to do 4 of them consecutively.


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