How does the "wait list" work?


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Jan 12, 2000
Can someone explain how the waitlist works? I booked 5 nights at OKW, but thought BWV may be nice to try. When I called they said no availability the 1st and last nights of my stay. Can I wait list those nights and still keep my 5 day reservation at OKW?
Yes, you can use the waitlist that way. You can use auto reserve, where DVC will automatically add days to your reservatipn as they become available without calling to confirm with you. Otherwise, the date available may be taken before they reach you for confirmation. Others will wait to confirm until all days are available and again may miss out on the reservation since it is not held until you are reached- it is still first come first served.

I have waitlisted using the auto feature and have always gotten the entire stay I wanted. It does depend on your comfort level and how flexible you can be with your reservation. (Sort of like drawing to an inside straight at times.)

If you hold your OKW reservation until the entire stay at BWV is available, you may limit your chances for success with the waitlist.

Good Luck!
A follow up question, Doc.

If you wait list on a day by day availability basis (auto reserve), do they automatically cancel a day of your initial this case free up points for your new ressie? Or do you have to have enough available points to book both and then cancel the original one?

Sorry if this is confusing....the wait list and day-by-day ressie changes still are beyond me. :confused:
Didn't know about the auto reserve feature. Also would like to know the answer to Granny's question.


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I think they will cancel the other reservation on a daily basis also. You will need to explicitly set it up that way with MS. Have them repeat the process to you to make sure it sounds right.

Daily autoreserve is a good way to use the waitlist and simplifies the process for MS and the member.

Good Luck!
Thanks for the information Doc! We will probably use the autoreserve in the future.

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