How do you pay for your package?

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by noryglory, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. noryglory

    noryglory Freaking out is not allowed!

    Sep 6, 2005
    Okay friends, the bonehead question for the night. How on Earth does paying for a package work? We aren't normal "vacation package" people, I tend to do my own planning and organizing and have little need for a prepackaged anything.

    However, the Disneyland stuff seems different. If you do the package, you get the extra goodies (TTMM, for instance)...and after comparing the packages, the Costco packages look good for the extras they throw in. If I'm correct, it's pretty much exact pricing and perks via Disney Vacations with the addition of a free character meal and a $20 gift card. If it's not the best one, can someone let me know some other places to look?

    Now, here's what I can't find out easily enough, so I beg to you with experience to shed some light. When I book, I pay a deposit? If I cancel, what happens? If I change the plan in any way (dates, hotel choice, room quality, number of guests, etc), what happens? CAN I change the plan in any way? Do I need travel insurance just to cancel for no reason by X date, or can I do that without the insurance and just pay a nominal fee, or ?? Specifically with the Costco packages if anyone knows, a vague "this is what usually happens in a package deal" would also be helpful if no one knows the Costco specifics.

    I would love to book the package just like a regular "reservation" at a hotel with a CC guarantee and lock in closer to the trip (not until next May). If we decide not to go, we cancel, no one is out. But I am thinking that ain't gonna happen.

    One final question, what if I book a room at the resort (PP) now and just hold it with a credit card guarantee (no charges), then later can I add on all the package goodies when I know we are for sure going to go? I realize I can't fiddle with Costco or some other company to do that, but can I do that through Disney at a later date? I guess I am trying to have my cake (a package) and eat it too (without paying anything in advance, or too far in advance, at least) me, it doesn't seem like too odd a concept since I never pay for my hotels until I check-in and then check-out. But I must be missing something???

    I'm trying to plan a trip with my best girlfriend from college and her kids and so it's just a bit more complicated since it's two separate parties paying. I'd love to just pay for the trip at the time of the trip, especially since we're looking at May 08.

    HELP! Thanks in advance, oh wise DISers and travel-agents-in-another-lifers!
  2. spokanemom

    spokanemom DIS Veteran

    Feb 26, 2006
    I will do my best to answer your questions.

    Costco goes through WDTC, so all of the payments are the same if you book a package with Disney or Costco. You have to pay a 200.00 deposit for the package within 10 days of when you book it. You have to pay it off 30 days before your travel date.

    There are cancellation and change fees as follows:

    Days Prior to Travel Change Cancel
    30+ 25.00 100.00
    29-5 50.00 200.00
    4-1 75.00 50% of package price

    I have the actual travel documents from Costco/WDTC and on the back is all the terms & conditions. If you would like me to email you a scanned copy of the back, pm me.

    One more thing, I was told by WDTC that if you upgrade your package, they will waive the change fee. But if you are decreasing the cost, they will impose the fee.
    Happy Booking!
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  4. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2007
    I have a Costco package, and yep, $200 deposit, and in 3 days, yay, 3! I get to pay the rest of it (then look for the documents anxiously).

    I have changed it two times. When I booked, I booked for 3 nights at Paradise Pier, with the dining package. Then I came back to the Dis, found out that Carousel is closer and includes breakfast, and that the dining plan is nothing like what I'd read about WDW's. So I called them, and expected at least $25 charge if not $50 (just in case the charge was per change, not just per phone call), to drop the dining and change to Carousel.

    The very sweet rep didn't charge me either. Yay!

    But I never really got myself happy with Carousel Inn, so when the 4th Night Free special came out, I switched us back over to Paradise Pier with a 4th night. Didn't add the dining plan back, though. :)

    Again, NO charge at all.

    I know there are some who have been charged, even while upgrading their packages, but I expected it each time, and it wasn't done. Whew.

    I know that if you book a package too close to travel, there's an extra charge (with Costco at least), but I suppose you *could* book a room only at a hotel, and then if a package came out later that you liked, you could get the package and cancel the room. But I don't think you could *add* it...could be wrong, though!

    When i was booking, I found Costco to be the best deal. But then I found out about getawaytoday dot com, and there are many who say they have great deals, too. And I think you can do hotel only reservations. BUT I've since heard that when booking a package, you have to pay it all up front! So, good deal or not, that didn't work for us on this trip.

    I think in the future we'll be getting the trip insurance, though maybe not through Costco/WDTC. There are many independent insurance places (************ dot com, for instance) that you can go through, and they can be less expensive and perhaps more comprehensive (cancel for ANY reason) than the one offered through the packages...
  5. Husker Mickey

    Husker Mickey I LOVE Chip and Dale!!!

    Oct 15, 2006
    I cannot answer your questions about Costco, but I know you want the best value for the buck. Have you looked at We have booked through them at least 5 times and the customer reps have been very helpful. You might look at the website and then call to see what they can do for you. I always have much better luck speaking directly to a customer rep. Good luck!!!
  6. noryglory

    noryglory Freaking out is not allowed!

    Sep 6, 2005
    Thanks for your helpful responses. Now we just need to bite the bullet and make a plan and pay (I guess!)...
  7. Mommy2PrincessAbby

    Mommy2PrincessAbby DIS Veteran

    Jul 17, 2007
    BTW, I booked thru Costco... paid my deposit, and call them every payday with $250 to put to my total... I will have it almost completely paid off before the deadline... so nothing to put on my credit card....

  8. Hofmanns4

    Hofmanns4 DIS Veteran

    Mar 2, 2007
    btw...If you call getawaytoday they now have a payment plan. $150.00 deposit and final due 3 weeks before the trip.

    Also, straight room reservations do not pull from the same bucket of rooms as vacation packages. For example, I was trying to book a vacation package for November and was shown no availability on the disneyland website. When I called room reservations only, rooms were available, just no packages. So it may not be as easy as switching to a package if it is a busy time of year.

    Very confusing!

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