How do you all handle your "diets" at Disney?

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by bcarson, Apr 26, 2010.

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    I haven't visited this part of the board before. Don't know why I had not thought of it before now. I am here all the time! LOL! We leave for Disney in a month. I have lost 42 lbs! I put the word "diet" in quotes because I don't like to think of it as that. I would love to lost another 10-15. Don't see that happening. I will lose some more though.

    While I am there I want to at least keep off what I have lost. I am on the darn Dining plan however that gives you dessert every stinking meal. I know I don't have to eat it. I get that. But we are also doing a lot of buffets.

    I know I will be splurging here and there. There all those darn counter service meals too! Hoping all the walking will counter act. Just wondering how others do it.
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    Well... I already responded to your question about counter service meals, so I won't repeat that stuff.

    As far as buffets go...

    at a buffet I fill up with a nice green salad to start...

    then I go through and take a tiny portion of everything that looks really appealing.

    I eat/taste all those tiny portions and then decide if anything was worth going back for a larger portion of... if so, then I go back for another small serving of that item. If anything WASN'T great after the first taste, then I leave it behind. No sense in wasting calories on stuff that isn't fabulous! And I avoid stuff that I can eat any where like burgers, pizza, and baked chicken. I want the fancy stuff like prime rib and garlic mashed potatoes!

    For desserts I do the same... and I avoid stuff that is common place... I can have ice cream and pudding and brownies anywhere... while at Disney I want to eat the "special" stuff, like their fabulous bread puddings. I take a tiny bit of the stuff that looks superb and then taste it all. If it IS superb, then I eat it... if not then I leave it behind (like those icky oreo cookie mouse ear things at Chef Mickey's). Sometimes I might go back for a second portion of one most superb item (like the previously mentioned bread pudding).

    For regular table service you might want to consider sharing a dessert. If you absolutely MUST order one dessert per person, then decide in advance to eat just HALF... then offer the second half to a dining companion or quickly cover it in salt so you CAN'T go back and eat it.

    Drink plenty of WATER... alcohol is often referred to as "liquid fat" so watch the portions on that.

    Enjoy yourself but don't stuff yourself. You will feel so much better in the long run......................P
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    Great advice already...

    When you're at any meal (quick service or table service) just try to make better choices- usually I do this by subbing a side like fries or potatoes for fruit or veggies.

    Only eat half of whatever is on your plate unless it looks like a normal serving size. You'll not only save yourself some calories but feeling full walking around after the meal! Try to remind yourself you're going to a park or on a ride afterwards to not overeat.

    Don't eat all of your dessert. Drink tons of water. Opt for healthier versions at counter service- remember that salads can sometimes have more calories in them than a regular meal!

    Depending on your activity level you may very well lose weight at Disney. My mom and I go every year. Her day to day workout schedule is power walking ~3 miles 4-5 times a week. My workout schedule is running, strength training, aerobics classes, etc and is 6 days a week, usually 60 min each time. We have very diff activity levels. If I don't get up and run in the mornings, I'll see a gain at Disney while my mom almost always sees a loss.

    If there's something I really want (like schoolbread in Norway or a dole whip), I let myself have it. I don't snack often though- only on things I know I really want. I save snack credits to buy stuff to take home as gifts for people.

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