How do Magic Bands arrive?


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Nov 19, 2014
DD5 has no idea we're going to Disney in May, and we aren't telling until she figures it out or we're there. How are the MBs shipped? And does the shipping box have any obvious Disney markings on it? If it comes by UPS it will come during our dinner time, but I can tell the driver not to ring the bell and just leave it. Any other way is safe because she's at school when it arrives.

its smaller than a shoe box - and yes- its inside a plain brown box - but i THINK the return address is Disney Destinations
When you open the mailbox, Tinkerbell flies out. She circles around you at least 3 times, stops at your right hand and with a quick swish of her wand - you have a Magic Band!

Sorry, I though the OP was asking how should Magic Bands arrive...

If I could just piggyback on this post...about how long before your trip do the MBs arrive?

We arrive at Disney on 4/18. I received an email just this morning that our MagicBands are now on their way via USPS. So about 3 weeks or so before our trip I'm guessing it will be for us. (We are in Chicago.)
If I could just piggyback on this post...about how long before your trip do the MBs arrive?
They've been arriving a week or two before your arrival.

We have reservations at YC for mid-April and our MBs are being "customized" and have yet to ship.
We got ours yesterday and we arrive 4/11. As other posters have mentioned plain cardboard box with nothing Disney on it not even the return address. My son opened it immediately but we had been incessantly tracking them since we got the "about to ship" email. We're just a little excited! :earboy2: It does take a good week for them to actually arrive and we live in New England.

Have a magical trip!
We are a family of 5 and ours fit in our mailbox. The box was plain cardboard box. Nothing disney on it, not even return address. Now, we did get an envelope a week or two before the bands came in about our trip, and that envelope was obviously from Disney. Luckily I got home and checked the mail before our DS. Our trip is a surprise as well!
They arrived today. For anyone wondering in the future, the return address was "Experience Connection Center" in Davenport, FL. It did not fit in our mailbox, though, but we have a smaller apartment mailbox, not a standard on a post at the end of your driveway type.


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