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Feb 15, 2000
Those who have seen the rooms at HrH and portifino how different are they?? Im excited to go in may but nervous to change we usually stay at Disney and have stayed once at portifino. So help me please discribe HRH thanks !!

I am going to Portofino in May. How are the rooms there? Is there anything we should look for or ask for? Thanks :)
I haven't stayed at both but I can describe the rooms at the HRH. We had 2 big cushy beds with feather pillows - Very comfy. The rooms have several mirrors and silver accents. There is a small round table with 2 club chairs plus another comfortable chair with an otteman (sp). The lighting was fine. The bathroom is bigger than most hotel bathrooms with thick nubby towels. There is a separate vanity area outside the bathroom with hairdryer (low wattage), magnifying mirror, cotton balls, and many bottles of shampoo and lotions.

Above the minibar is a small bar area with a heavy metal ice bucket, pretty blue and green drinking glasses, coffee mugs and wine glasses. No plastic in sight.

Room amenities include 2 telephones (1 cordless), big TV with Sony playstation (fee),Radio with CD Player, alarm clock, many dresser drawers, iron and board, 4 cup coffeemaker with supplies and a combination safe. You can set the room temperature yourself and it is very quiet. There are photos of rock stars on the walls (of course.)

Check in, bell service, elevators and concierge were all very efficient. The staff is friendly. The pool is beautiful and has a long and very fast water slide. Rock music plays constantly, even underwater. We didn't eat there so I can't comment on that. It would have been nice if it had a little snack shop for breakfast on the run.

The best part is you can walk to the parks in 5 minutes (or take the boat) and FOTL.
Thanks cubicle!! Sounds great Im really excited!! I got a entertainment rate did you?? do I just bring the book at check in?? Have you ever stayed at a Disney hotel?? Which would you compare it too? Sorry for all the ?? I mjust a planner!!

You need to show the card at check-in. I'd hate to have to lug that book around.

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