How Can I Change Resorts With Out The Children Knowing?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by adisneynut, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. adisneynut

    adisneynut Guest

    We are changing resorts during our stay. We planned the GF Pirates cruise on Thursday and the Park Fare Character breakfast. Has anyone tried to surprise thier children with a stay at another resort. If so how can I do it without them know? I don't want them to now until after the cruise and everything. I would like to check in possibly while they are on the pirates cruise, if there is a room ready.
  2. jennymouse

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    Mar 9, 2001
    That's what I'm doing too! I'm sending my DD(28) and DGD(7) to Discovery Cove on "move day". I'll move while they are gone, then have the towncar driver bring them to AKL instead of CSR after he picks them up from DC.

    I'm going to slip the driver a card or something from me to give my daughter when she starts questioning why they aren't going to CSR. She's into kimpo (some kind of kick boxing) and if she thinks he's trying to abduct them, she's liable to give him a good ol' Kentucky butt whooping!:eek:

    In your case, I don't know. How long is the pirate cruise? I would think the packing part would be the hardest. If everything was packed when you left for the breakfast, you could have Disney move your luggage and all you'd have to do after the cruise is go to the new hotel. If you have your own car, and if the cruise was long enough, you could drop them off, go pack and check out, hide the luggage in the trunk, go get the kids then go to new hotel. If you don't have car or cruise not long I don't know! Is there more than one adult going? If so, one could fake sick and stay behind to do the packing and moving. The other could just get the kids to new hotel after cruise.

    Let me know how you worked it out!
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  4. adisneynut

    adisneynut Guest

    Thanks Jennymouse!

    I was thinking about packing up everything into the car before breakfast. I was going to tell them to wear a swimsuit under thier clothes for the cruise. They might think we are going to pool hop after the cruise.

    They are 10 and 9 and my neice is very quick minded. She is the one who will think it is wierd.:crazy:
  5. NotTooGoofy

    NotTooGoofy Go BUCKS!

    Jan 1, 2000
    I think WDW will move luggage from one resort to another for free while you're at the park (or anywhere else) during the day. How you get everything packed without the kids noticing is the trick.
  6. DancingBear

    DancingBear DIS Veteran

    Jul 2, 2001
    Sure, trying to deal with my son's tantrums can be frustrating, but I don't think I'd change resorts without letting him know!;)
  7. adisneynut

    adisneynut Guest

    We saw the on the Travel Channel on the GF and my daughter just fell in love with it. I already had ressie for there so DH and I thought we would surprise her with a 2 night stay. We are thinking about a water park on Wed. and then head back to CBR and maybe I can let them go to the game room and i can pack things up except for what we need for that night and the next day. I would love to have the Bellman handle our luggage but I have heard that they sometimes are real late getting then to your next resort. Also how can do you handle the tipping when you leave before they pick it up and then you never see them again?

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