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  1. Albort

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    Oct 9, 2006
    hey guys, just wondering what you guys think of my progress...
    New Years resolution was to lose 20 lbs by April.
    been working out 4 times a week(skipped a total of 3 weeks from Jan-today due to issues)
    so far ive increased my endurance in the gym lasting 1.75 hours(start of 1 hour). Ive nearly doubled on some weight machines, or 1.5 on some other harder ones. For Cardio, i treadmill walk and run a lot more than i used to.

    Ive also been eating very healthy... Calorie count is around 1300 a day ish.

    Ive lost no weight. :( Any advice? I do believe i'm gain muscles and i have been able to wear a lesser pants size, possible 2 pants size. Maybe thats where my weight is going?

  2. walkdmc

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    Apr 28, 2010
    I'm LOLing at your "1300 cal day ish"....that "ish" is a diet killer. Make sure you log everything you eat so you have an accurate calorie count. Along those lines, weigh and measure everything until you're comfortable eyeballing serving sizes. I'd suggest an online logging site like Myfitnesspal. I use that site and app everyday.

    Also, I would visit the website fat2fit. Just google it and you'll see the site. They have a list of calculators. You'll want to use those to figure out how many calories you should be eating to achieve your goal. MFP will figure this out also but it can get confusing when you have to add exercise calories. The Fat2fit authors just want you to eat the same amount every single day, based on your overall activity level, not a day to day change. You may not be eating enough. 1300 calories is a pretty small albeit not uncommon, amount of calories to eat.

    Are you doing 1:45 of cardio routinely? Anyway, even if you're doing 1:45 of all exercises combined, that's too much, IMO. If that's the case, you may not be working efficiently. I'd work with a personal trainer for a few sessions to work on the right level of intensity and time for exercise.

    Good luck and keep trying!

    EDIT: And I guess the obvious is make sure you check with your doctor to ensure you don't any issues like thyroid disease or metabolic problems.
  3. bumbershoot

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    Mar 5, 2007
    Albort! Hi!

    Now from your posts on other boards in days past I got the impression that you're a guy. Am I wrong? If you are a guy, 1300 calories is going to be very very difficult for you to maintain.

    And that level of calorie count while working out nearly 2 hours 4 days a week is probably working against you.

    Since you're working with calories, I would recommend using a heart rate monitor to see the calories burned during your workouts. I do that, though I'm doing Weight Watchers so I then calculate calories burned into "points plus". then I eat the points. But the Activity points are calculated at about half of calories you eat. So a point when eaten is about 40 EARNED point, however, is 80. So I'm eating pretty much half of the calories I've burned. It helps my workouts go better, keeps me from fainting on the treadmill or driving home, and I'm still losing while doing it.

    I agree with the PP that "ish" can be a problem and that you should consult with a trainer and even a nutritionist. You're working out really hard, and not eating very much, and that combo doesn't always work to lose; we're not machines where you can expect an outcome, and bodies are fickle.

    Lastly, if those 20 lbs are your last 20, those can be an absolute bear to get off! Growing up in CA it was always the "last 5". Went to college, it was 10. Then 15. Then whoops, 20. I swear these first 66 have been easier to get off than that "last 5" as a teen EVER were!
  4. Albort

    Albort ODV Crew

    Oct 9, 2006
    yes, i am a guy. :]

    i dont eat much, and im not active at my job, i just sit there in front of a computer or driving around town. so working out is about the only active thing i do.

    I dont keep track anymore on how much calories i eat, but i know i average around that area... i dont know the exact but its around there somewhere.

    As for training, im actually following 24 hour trainer... 1:45 isnt all cardio... its about 1:20 of weight lifting and 20-25 of cardio. and around 200 sit ups(i got a beer belly!) I am told to do an hour of weight lifting and 45 mins of cardio but i havent been able to get up to 40min of cardio... So right now, im trying the insanity way of pushing as hard as i can for a min and rest for 3-4 mins...

    anyways, i guess maybe i should go visit a doctor to make sure everything is good for me. Thank you for your insights and helpfulness! :]
  5. dburg30

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    Jun 15, 2007
    Well you COULD be gaining muscle which weighs more, while loosing fat and you wouldnt see any weight loss even though you were swapping fat out and gaining muscle.. But unless you are already skinny, 1300 calories will probably hinder you losing weight. If I cut calories I will find I dont lose weight, feel like I am always tired etc etc. If I eat more, actually almost feel like I am overeating, but really arent, and keep exercising, I will see the scale start going the right way... Sometimes you really do need to eat a bit more of the right stuff to lose weight..

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