Housekeeping Tip?


Living Warm and Happy in Florida
Feb 24, 2001
Hi All!

We are going for our first trip to BWV next week. It's our very first trip home and we are very excited.

I was just wondering... What kind of tip do you leave housekeeping?

When I stay in a normal hotel room, I usually leave $1 a day per person.

But considering that housekeeping doesn't clean up after us every day, do you still tip the same?


Cindy K
After a 12 days stay we left: About $6+ in change, 8 Bud's, a package of still sealed cold cuts & 3 wine coolers. I'm sure it all went to someone's home.
hi: we usually stay in a 1 or 2br unit. for trash and towel day, we try to leave around $5, but they don't always take it (even when it's with a note for housekeeping). at the end of the stay, we leave about $20.

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