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Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by paults, Jun 28, 2006.

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    when using either one is there a way to make sure I get a Downtown Disney hotel so we can walk to DTD

    also can you be sure of getting S/D hotel if you want
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    S/D haven't participated recently. With Hotwire you can do a reasonable job using the amenities to determine the hotel. Use betterbidding.com for help.

    With PL you're bidding a zone and the Walt Disney Zone is large and incluces many hotels that aren't in walking distance of anything.

    I wouldn't use PL unless I was going to have a rental car.
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    There is no way to ensure this. If you need to walk it would be risky. The Swan/Dolphin haven't showed up in awhile on either. I'd be sure to do some research prior to using either service. I'd look at either site of www.betterbidding.com or www.biddingfortravel.com . They are both great priceline/hotwire resources.
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    I've had good luck using Hotwire in conjunction with the BetterBidding.com Hotwire hotel list page.I open up 2 browser windows, 1 for the hotel list, and the other for Hotwire (going through the Better Bidding link, it helps them out); when Hotwire offers their available hotels, just click on the hotel list window to see which hotels are actually being offered (you can tell by which ammenities are listed in what order). I've done this 3 times and was able to correctly identify which hotel was being offered by Hotwire before actually buying the room each time. DTD hotels are listed as resorts in the LBV area. Try doing a dry run and see if this works for you. :cool1:

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