Home Resort First Time Visit (VGC)


Oct 24, 2017
Prior to the pandemic, I had been on the waitlist for VGC for almost 1 1/2 years. During the pandemic, after posting questions on this board, I decided to go through with a resale contract for VGC. However, during the 10 day window, I finally received a call from a Disney guide, telling me that points were now available to purchase. I decided to go through with the direct purchase and rescind the resale contract. I don't want to debate resale/direct purchases here. I just wanted to thank all of you who provided invaluable input with respect to VGC. My family and I had our first home resort stay this past week (after rescheduling several times) and VGC was fantastic. I’m attaching a view from our balcony. We had points we needed to use or lose by the end of this year so we splurged on a 1 bedroom instead of a studio and I think I’m spoiled now for future stays. Disneyland was not without its challenges but VGC knocked it out of the ballpark.