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Mar 20, 2001
Hi Everyone,

Has anyone stayed at the Holiday Inn Universal across the street from Universal Studios? I'm planning a trip and I was wondering with the Adventure Package does it have "no line, no wait" deal? Thanks!!!!!!
The No Line No Wait is for onsite guest only

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Hi, Lauraquin:

My coworker stayed there in February and was very satisfied with it. The Hard Rock and the Portofino are the only hotels offering the "No Line No Wait" promo though, and with the entertainment rate, the rates for HR are very close to the Holiday Inn's.

By the way, I'm originally from Brooklyn, also! Say YO to everybody out there for me! :D


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We stayed there in July 1999 and were very satisfied with the one bedroom suite. At first, they made a mistake and put us in a standard room, which was obviously old and in need of a facelift (old bedspreads, broken lock on the safe, etc.)

Then they moved us into one of the new suites, which was new, clean and very nice. I think they added on the suite wing more recently, with the standard rooms being part of the original building.

Ask for the shuttle departure times (not as frequent as I'd hoped) since they didn't bother to offer this information--we missed it and had to drive to the park.

I do recommend the suite, but we will be staying onsite this time around so we can get unlimited FOTL and not have to worry about driving.

Have fun!


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