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    Dec 27, 2007
    Some stupid questions about HOJO (Danger, Lorealle???)

    Just got back from a stay at the Camelot, and realized HOJO really isn't that much farther a walk....but some questions....

    Are there adjoining rooms, or suites available? We stayed in a family suite at Camelot, and found that was fabulous - with 3 little kids, they needed their own space, and we needed ours. The HOJO is probably the only hotel we could get 2 rooms at for the price of a suite anywhere else, so I was just curious.

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    Yes, they have connecting rooms available. They won't guarantee them, but they will do their best to accommodate your request (obviously since you have kids, they would make it a priority).

    They do have 2 suites on site. The only one that would suit your family is the queen suite. It has two queens in one room, and a pull-out sofa sleeper in the other. It's a HUGE room with large bar, fridge, micro, sink, 2 bathrooms, living room. and two balconies. It's located in bldg. 2. It is very popular though and sells out fast. You would probably get a better deal with reserving 2 regular rooms at the ent. rate.

    If you want to see pics of the queen suite let me know, and I'll post the ones I took during my stay last November.

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