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  1. tkgdisney

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    Apr 28, 2001
    We just returned and have the good the bad and the ugly/

    Good - location to DTD and the bus service to parks was adequate - the instructions on how to find the bus was poor - it took a guest that had used the service explained it all.

    Bad - room needs lots of updates and work - really is thin walls and poor management. The room request and I know it was a request was noted, but we were told that they are never honored - we told them we had called the day before and were given our room number and room type as it had been assigned - it matched our request. We checked in before noon and they had pulled the room and issued to someone else - so I suggested they do the same to someone else - if there was a room unfilled that matched our request we deserved the room. They finally did as we had asked after 20 minutes.

    Ugly - we came back to our room the first night to find our room open - it was open for the world to enter with all of our room available for the pickings. Our bed had been turned down - not requested and a delivery had been made with another guest name on the card. We called the front desk and they apoligized but wanted to come pick up the basket. We asked for security and were asked why. After saying we wanted to make a report, they wanted an itemized list of what was missing, we asked for an updated list of charges to our room - calls, movies, etc. and that no objects missing would be charged to us. After spending hours checking everything we realized none of our belongings were missing, but it was a rough start to a new hotel.

    They eventually decided that we should keep the welcome basket, but it was not graciously offered - they acted like it was an everyday occurence that doors were left open. They did find out who opened the door and told us that it was not our key - like we thought it might be - and they would retrain the individual.

    Final opinion - never again - we stayed here for my husband's meeting - next time he said he would commute by bus to DTD - we felt the room needed lots of work and for the money - $220 a night - with little offered in the concierge - it was the only availble room when we made reservations - we felt we could have had a much better stay in a disney resort.

    Concierge at Hilton at DTD - pastry and coffee - stated hours 6:30 - 10:30 - they start picking up at 9:30 so they are finished at the closing time - most days they were picked over by 9.

    Other offerings are either weak or with little flavor. Dinner offerings were usually overcooked and not easy to eat.

    Oh - and the constant stop by the vacation club was more than annoying - we finally ignored them and that really did not go over well.

    Any questions?
  2. LAS2AMS

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    Aug 9, 2006
    I'm surprised by your review. I thought I'd give my comments, only because it seems like a lot of Disney Resort veterans stay off-property without an open mind and wind up being dissatisfied. Remember, the Hilton is a business-class hotel and delivers as such; it is not a place to stay if you desire a Disney ambiance.

    The Towers Lounge is more than "pastry and coffee" -- it's a complete continental breakfast, and about as good of an executive lounge breakfast as you'll get anywhere in the USA. They offer bread, cereal, numerous pastries, fresh fruit, boxed cereal, hot oatmeal, milk, many juices, coffee, bottled water and soda. I've never seen them clean up until after 10:30... if they run out of food, you're usually directed to the continental breakfast buffet at their restaurant (open till noon) for free. The lounge also offers fresh fruit, nuts & cookies throughout the day as well as hours devours in the evening. When I was there last month they had delicious coconut shrimp as one of the hot options! The lounge continues to improve, and is above-average compared to others nationwide (there's no free alcohol or dessert, but the former has become rare these days anyway). You can also ask them for bottled water/juices and canned soda to take on the go.

    Turn down service - Turn down service is standard on the executive floor, much like it is in many luxury hotels (like the Grand Floridian). If you don't want it, you simply put your "Do Not Disturb" sign up!

    The room - The rooms haven't fallen victim to that ultra-modern look the Westin popularized, but the decor is still modern. The way the building is designed with small windows as opposed to floor-to-ceiling (which was common among hotels built in the mid-1980s) does give it a dated look, however. The hotel does a fantastic job keeping the rooms up-kept... in sharp contrast to the way the Contemporary and Polynesian looked ("lipstick on a pig") until they were overhauled in the last couple of years. FWIW, I think the sound-proofing in this hotel is way above average.

    Food - I've ate throughout the hotel and have always found the food quality to be above-average. It's pricey, but that's typical of a deluxe-class hotel. However, they're always running specials at their dinner restaurant & the bar which are pretty good values. It also helps if you know what to order -- you can get a children's meal (hamburger, steak fries, soda) for less than $5 -- larger portions & better food & less $$$ than a McD's value meal.

    Service - $220 rate indicates the hotel was full... if you were trying to check-in before noon (which is before check-out time) perhaps the room was simply unavailable. As with many business-class hotels, this one will relinquish blocked rooms if somebody pays for it or a Diamond (sometimes Gold) member asks for them. That's just good business, even if it seems unfair to us. Glad they were able to accommodate you in the end. Also, I'd judge the open door incident on the end result. Did you ask for compensation? Was it provided? Etc. Unfortunately, these things happen from time-to-time at all hotels, including Disney. I know that from experience! Thankfully the Hilton has brand new, large safes to store your valuables. It's a good idea to store them no matter where you're staying. Don't know why it took you "hours" to do inventory, must've packed a lot : ). I do agree the HGVC people are annoying, but I just ignore them and it's never caused a problem.

    I personally think the high-quality accommodations, the location, the lounge, the Disney views, the pool (not crowded like Disney, and poolside drink service) and some of the amenities (the new 24-hour cardio fitness room is awesome!) make this an excellent place to stay, if you can get a good rate. Sorry to hear your experience didn't go to well.
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  4. lilyv

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    Jul 2, 2007
    We stay frequently at Hilton properties. You're responses are quite accurate from our long experience.
  5. tkgdisney

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    Apr 28, 2001
    This is not a response to ignite a heated discussion - but

    I have stayed many times in business hotels - this one is not up to the level that I expected.

    I was giving a full and actual account of our morning experiences - the sample you gave was not available at 9 in the morning and they did tell us that they would be done at 1030 - nothing was offered - not a buffet or anything else - they said it is over at 1030 and we get what was left. I think the main problem was that they had reserved a larger number of rooms for concierge than they had - so they had 3 floors of rooms all over the hotel using the same lounge making the supply dimish early - there may have been more offered at 6:30, but at 9 - it was slim pickins.

    The price we paid was the discount rate for the conference we were attending. We offered to check in later when the room type we requested would be available - they told us that they had given our room away - the one originally assigned to us - that happens - but the fact was a room was available, but was assigned to someone else that met our request - so they later decided to give it to us - point is that you had to push the issue to get what was promised and available.

    I think the main problem was that there were 3 meeting at once, making all things complicated. This is not unusual at a conference hotel. I think many others do it much better.

    While the room was not up to my standards, others may think that it is just fine, but if you are going to charge rates similar to other high end hotels they should offer similar experiences.
  6. lunabkat

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    Sep 28, 2004
    Sorry, but if a resort is in the DTD area, shouldn't it be somewhat of a disneytype experience. Pertaining to service and the like, if not the "themeness" overall? I would think that $220 a night would at least secure your door to your room. Shutting a door is not exactly rocket science and "poo-pooing" it to "it happens" is a crock. That was a major screw up and Hilton should have pounced on it and done everything they could to make it up to these people. Regardless of it being a business hotel, you start leaving peoples doors open on a regular basis and you WILL loose your business. Snarky is as snarky does, after reading this report I wouldn't stay there for 89$ a night much less $200. Hilton, are your getting this?
  7. PGHDisneyfan

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    Nov 28, 2007
    As a frequesnt business traveler let me toss in my 2 cents. I stay in Hamptons, Hiltons, and Double Trees better than 100 days a year. For the most part the Hilton family treats me VERY well. Thats not to say ive never had a bad experience.

    TKGDisney- Hilton ALWAYS offers a 100% money back promise. If you werent happy all you had to do is give the hotel manager an ear full and im sure they would have offed you a few free days. I for one would have lamb basted the management team for such gross neglegence.

    That being said we have stayed 2 hotels down from the Hilton at the Double Tree and have had 1 great and one good experiences. Its a bright cheerfull hotel will a cool Disney/ Fiesta theme and its a bit less than the Hilton and they have a great pool too boot.

    Hope I helped a bit!

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