Highs and Lows - 30/09 - 04/10

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  1. angel_nix

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    Oct 14, 2008

    Princess Pavilion - I know that this gets a lot of stick at times, but with Auberge out of our price range, we were really fortunate that we queued five times (got into the queue at about 9.40 and then the doors opened at 10) and saw five different princesses. The longest that we queued was on Tuesday morning when we went straight from seeing Ariel to requeue for Cinderella and that was about 25 mins. Sleeping Beauty was brilliant with the girls, the interaction was brilliant and the photos are just gorgeous.

    Buzz - a total hit with both girls, they loved this ride and we queued for no longer than 5 minutes the whole time!

    Parachute Drop - we had a very short queue and despite my worry, both girls enjoyed the ride with Lottie going on for a second go. It really could do with a fastpass for busy times though!

    The Parade - we watched it twice - once from Fantasyland and once from the top of Main Street - lots of character interaction and the girls had so many kisses!

    Dreams - a beautiful show, well worth stopping up for and staking out a good spot, but it also features in our lows :(

    Cast Members - on the whole could not be more helpful, big thumbs up to Enrico and his colleague in the Cheyenne shop who made our girls feel like total princesses.

    Halloween Decorations - beautiful, and so much fun!

    Characters - the girls loved meeting all of the characters and there were no scrums. Just polite reminders to them that if they were patient and waited their turn, they would be seen. Which worked well and everyone that they went to meet acknowledged them, getting others to wait and Jafar was hitting people with his Staff! Maleficient was brilliant, so in character, but understood Milly signing please and thank you to her which nearly broke her scowl!


    Smoking - I know everyone complains about it, but I really cannot fathom why some people cannot wait 30 minutes or so for a cigarette, and instead, feel the need to smoke all over people waiting for rides/the parade etc.

    Dreams - We had a good spot right next to the fence near the info board on Main Street. With no-one in front of us, until about 3 minutes beforehand and everyone started jumping over the fence and stood right in the view of the castle. Neil ended up putting Milly on his shoulders (he's 6'2") and I had to hold Lottie balanced on the fence to allow her to see. I was so disappointed that the CMs did nothing to get the people off of the grass, but shouting ** works pretty well across all languages and most people moved, out of the line of the sight of the lad in the wheelchair next to us at least.

    Cafe Mickey - was a mixed bag for us. We had booked for a table of nine including a highchair and were squashed onto a round booth table with extra chairs. It meant that everytime the characters came over, we all had to move! Despite characters best efforts, some people pushed their children in for photos/autographs etc and even when L received her birthday cake, the table near us were pushing their child over for photos. It kinda ruined it for us, plus only Minnie bothered to come over during the birthday cake. It just felt a bit meh, but Lottie and the kids had a good times.

    Some CMs - whilst watching the parade for the first time, one CM pushed his way under the rope, knocking Lottie flying and hitting Milly (who was in my arms) at the same time. He made no effort to apologise despite both girls crying. We reported his behaviour to City Hall who didn't seem to particularly care, just asked me to fill in a comment card. The guys in the photo shop on Main St were equally rude talking to each other in French and ignoring customers.

    Rain - rain rain and more rain on the last two days, but fortunately, it dried up quickly and didn't interfere with our plans too much, but bleaugh, everything was wet!

    Not seeing Rapunzel - Milly is obsessed with her, but never mind, there's always next time!
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    Jun 3, 2007
    Glad to hear there will be a next time for you guys.
    Lovely to hear about your success with the Princess Pavilion, 25 minutes for your longest queue is brilliant :thumbsup2.

    Shame about Cafe Mickey and the CM bumping into your girls though.
  3. mommy2ash

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    Aug 7, 2008
    glad to see you have more highs than lows. i used to love cafe mickey but i think the character interaction has gone way down. we were there in the rain too, it was horrible
  4. jillrobinson

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    Mar 30, 2005
    Welcome back, well done on the success at Princess Pavilion :thumbsup2

    Such a shame about your lows, will just have to plan another trip to rectify them :goodvibes
  5. angel_nix

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    Oct 14, 2008
    I was really shocked at Princess Pavilion tbh, I'd heard horrendous stories about queuing and I can imagine that in high season it's just a no-go, but I was quite pleased for the sit down outside while waiting and the warmth inside lol!

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one that feels that about CM. Last time we ate at lunchtime, maybe that would've been slightly better and not felt so rushed and squashed.

    Loved Rainforest Cafe aswell, possibly our favourite meal out there.

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