HIFS-anyone familiar with Family Values Plus Pckg


Jan 4, 2003
Hi..I'm going to book HIFS for nine nights, and I've found various rates. On the website, they describe a Family Values Plus Package, which is basically $50 credit per night to be used on food or drink. The nine days would cost me $180 more; naturally, if I used the $50 a day-$450-it would definitely pay.

Has anyone booked with this plan? Is it too good to be true? I know we'll eat in the parks somedays, but according to this you can use it for ice cream, pizza and bar drinks.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Last thing, I've read about 95% positive reviews on this hotel, but a couple of posts complained about cleanliness issues and rooms not in such great shape. Any input on that?

Oops..this is REALLY my last question...how good are the kidsuites? We have three kids: 2 boys-8 and 5 and one 2 year old girl. I was going to go for the King bed/bunk beds as I figure the 2 year old will be sleeping with us.

Thank you!! This board and all of your knowledge is greatly appreciated!


p.s. I'm in NY and the JETS just won...and I'm going to Disney!!!!!!

Hi lcborn2run- We've stayed there and it was great. In the Kidsuite there is a semi private kids room,( no door just a curtain) they have 2 bunkbeds and a "small" pull out trundle bed that would easily fit your 2 year old. If for no other reason then to rest up in the room with her brothers. I've seen the family values package for 109.00 per night. This gives you 2 adult buffets dinners free per day and kids eat free with you for lunch or dinner. Everyone eats free for breakfast. You can even bring food to the room from the breakfast buffet for the family to eat. We made snacks up for the day from the buffet food brought back to the room. I don't see how you need the bonus money from the plus package, for food, since all but your lunch is covered with the basic package and you'll probably be at the parks during lunch.
Hope this is some help. P.S.- When are your dates? Check out
www.mousesavers.com and www.valuetrips.com for specials at the HIFS.
Mark and Sandra=Thanks for the info. I haven't seen anywhere that dinner buffet is included in the price. None of the websites, including Holiday Inn's mention this. Could you have had this family package when you went?

We're going in the end of August. Thanks again!

I just checked their site, www.hifamilysuites.com/famvalues.htm an although the dates are 2002, the prices don't vary that much from year to year. It's probably a better overall deal for your family then paying more for a 50.00 food and drink credit. Are you sure that you are looking at the Holiday Inn Family Suites? There are 2 other Holiday Inn's in the area that are usually confused with HIFS. If they don't offer this food package then that might be the reason for the plus package you were offered. Keep in mind that there are other special at HIFS that are as good if not better. Holiday Inn, buy1 night- get 1 night free and bringing along a senior family member gets you a rate as low as 79.00 per night. If you don't plan on eating at the hotel for lunch and dinner, these other specials might suit you better.
Hi..I went to your link, and as you said, that was the 2002 package. If you click on "specials", you see the 2003 family package. They changed it from what you had to that $50 day credit (instead of the buffet).

I'm surfing around looking for the best deals. Unfortunately, we hit the end of the summer peak prices, but I don't want to pull jy son out of school, so we'll brave the heat and prices!

Thanks again.....

Wow, I guess you're right about the new specials. Keep in mind that the reservationists at HIFS are great. We started with a price of 169.00 then found a special on the valuetrip.com site the code is called "VTRIP" and got a better rate of 149.00. Then we saw a discount for family package at 109.00 and later we saw a discount from AAA for 99.00. Each time we called, they were more then happy to change our rates to the new lower ones with no hassle. If you call them, ask if you can get the rate your " friends" got last year or at least a better rate then their site offers, you'll be surprised at how nice they can be. Also keep your eye on mousesavers, check here: www.mousesavers.com/hifs.html#hifsspecial Check out the senior saver rates, maybe it could be cost effective to bring along an older family member.
Where can I find the value package with the $50 credit for food? We are going to Florida March 16-24 so maybe it's not available during that week being in the middle of a peak time.

We have stayed there twice in the past two years and are considering staying there again...If I can get the $50 voucher for food, I think that will clinch our decision for sure!
Ooops, I just went back and looked again and found it. Sorry. The cheapest rate I have found for my week is 139 and the family value package would be 169. I'm not sure it is worth the $30 difference in my case, but it is something to think about.


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