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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by NikkiPants, Apr 1, 2012.

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    Hi all!
    My family will be purchasing a DVC and we're just wondering a few things. How is the availability as far as dates go? In other words, being able to book 11 months in advance for your home resort is obviously going to have more availability. But at other resorts where you can only book 7 months out, is it hard to get specific dates? We will be going on offpeak season as much as possible. Is it worth it to spend more to get a certain home resort, or is it easy to get reservations, so go cheaper?
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    First thing you need to know is that Disney offpeak times are not necessarily DVC offpeak times. In fact, there are very few offpeak times for DVC. Maybe late August, early Sept. Early May. January(not first part of the month- marathon - and not MLK holiday). Maybe early February.

    Early December is very difficult to get at 7 months out. Same with the holidays. And pretty much October through early January is hard to get at 7 months out. Especially the Epcot resorts during F&W Festival.

    The longer you wait to book, it gets harder to get seven nights together. And lots of DVC members want to use as few points as possible.
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    I purchased at AKV so that I can take advantage of 11 months booking so that I can get "Value Accomodations"= less points :goodvibes. Also, to experience Concierge Level and use points for it. Of course AK is one of my favorite parks, that didn't hurt either. I closed early February and booked 5 days in December, for Jambo's Value Studio. I didn' get the exact days that I wanted, but I also didn't book until 10 months out :(. Next year I believe that I will be able to get the exact dates that I want.

    I agree with a previous post that December and holidays are harder to book regardless of 11 month advantage. However, you still have the advantage at your home resort.

    Hope this helps!:hippie:
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    If Disney thought that it would be easy to get what you want at 7 months, they wouldn't have a 11 month home resort rule. From their prospective, if you want to guarantee that you get a certain resort and a certain room size and category, you better buy there.

    :earsboy: Bill
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    it varies.

    the smartest rule - if you have a strong resort preference - is to buy where you want to stay. especially if you prefer high demand/low supply options like BLT-standard view, BWV-standard view or boardwalk view or AKV-value or concierge villas. BCV and VWL are pretty small resorts, and BCV's access to stormalong bay makes for extra high demand. HHI is small and tough to get during the summer.

    but if you are just happy to be onsite and want to save some money, SSR (2054 end date) and OKW (most resales are 2042 end date) are the best values. book SSR or OKW at 11 months out, then see if you can get something else at 7 months out - worst case scenario is still being onsite at wdw.

    i would not bother buying offsite at VB or HHI if you want to stay at wdw - the risk of getting locked out of wdw at 7 months would negate the savings.

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