Hi everyone!


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Mar 24, 2000
I've been told to get my butt on the DIS Con board...so here I am! (Well, it wasn't exactly in those terms...LOL!)
I've been lurking alot. With my job in question, I don't know if I can make it to DIS Con 2! I won't be able to make it to any of the summer meets either (I think). So I sorta feel out of place here with everyone so excited about the upcoming summer.
I promise to try and post more. I really miss all of you and the 'wicked awesome' time we had at DIS Con!
Take care you guys! {{Hugs}}
Hi, Kim! In case you aren't at DIS-Con II - at least there are a whole bunch of cute pics of you from Jellyrolls!!!! :D
:wave: Hi Kim!
I hope all works out well for you in the job arena.
Nice to "see" you on the boards.

Hi Kim! Smile everytime I see the DIS Con pictures, you were so much fun! Hoping things are more secure on the job front. :)

Hi, Kim!! :) NIce to see you here! I do hope you can make the convention. Who else will we pick on when you do your "brand" of hokey pokey?!?! ;) ;) I'll keep my fingers crossed. :D
:wave: Hi Kim. :wave:

We certainly hope you can make it to DIS-Con 2 (of course A LOT can change for each of us between now and then :rolleyes: :eek: ;) ), but if for some unfortunate reason you can't :eek: , you're still very welcome over here. :) Sometimes we just talk about the good times we had, and you were definitely a part of that! :D

Here is some ~*~pixie dust~*~ to help you through your current job situation. Take Care Kim. :)
Dear Kim!!!! I always wanted to know if you enjoyed your extra large Crunch bar!!!! ;)

I am sending lots of pixie dust your way! It is really as everybody here says: we are still in January and much can change. For better, I hope! Hugs and dole whips for you.


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