HH Grand Villa question


Mar 11, 2001
I know there is only one grand villa where you are allowed to smoke inside. Where is it located? Does it have a view of the marsh? Thanks for your assistance.


I went to Tommy's site and am still somewhat confused. If there are GV's in buildings 27 & 28, and both those buildings are "smoking optional," why is smoking allowed only in the GV in 28?

:( Sorry for the confusion!

Building #27 is indeed smoking optional and does have a GV! That building has a great view of Broad Creek (marsh) and is adjacent to the Community Hall area of the resort.

SO...there are 2 smoking optional GV's. Buildings 27 and 28! :)

Thanks for getting back to me. I've made reservations for next NYE and wanted the marsh view available in #27. I was also envisioning a single malt and a La Gloria Cubana by the fireplace. I'm glad I won't have to choose between the two!


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