Here's what I've decided to do with bare strip next to does this sound?

Discussion in 'Flower & Garden Forum' started by HeatherPage, Apr 17, 2002.

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    Quick description: we have an appx. 8 x 15 rectangular flower bed right next to the side of our house which when you pull up in our driveway this is the first thing you see which right now is just some dirt and mulch (and a few weeds).

    Since we are not yard or garden people by any means here's what I've decided (I think) to do with this area. My husband wants to put a little retaining wall around the area (2-3 stones high) and I wanted to fill in the area with white marble chips and then put in 3 or 4 large terra cotta (sp?) pots with flowers in them nestled into the marble chips. This way I won't have to worry about actually planting them in the soil and dealing with the actual ground (do I sound like a novice or what). And maybe depending on the season (i.e. Christmas) I could change out the flowers for pointsettias, fall colors for Autumn, etc. The garden place down the road from our house sells pretty big bags of marble chips for about $3.50 each, does this sound reasonable? I haven't checked the price at Lowes or Home Depot yet. Does this idea sound ok? Does anyone have any suggestions to add to this. Other than my dad said to lay down a plastic/polymer type sheet over the bed before we put down the chips so that weeds won't grow up through it, does anyone have any other tips?

    Thanks :)
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    Sounds like a good plan to me. Before you start digging or excavating you might want to do some research on plants, shrubs that would work in your area. There are plenty of plans on the web for designing gardens. I also agree about the polymer before the stones or mulch. You'll have weeds out of control without it. You have a gardeners delight on your hands. Barren dirt waiting for plants.:bounce: Enjoy
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    Seems like a practical solution and relatively easy to maintain. Give's you flexibility to change the look periodically too.
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    Feb 27, 2000
    Heather sounds like a lovely idea.
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    Mar 27, 2000
    They are very low maintenance and do GREAT here in NC!! I just love them and they grow rather quickly. You can plant them closer than what they say on the tag and with some trimming after they flower you can create a nice, thick, springtime flowering hedge. The cuttings also make BEAUTIFUL early spring vase arrangements!

    I hit the mother load this past Saturday on Azaleas when I just happened to be at Lowes when the semi arrived. They brought in beautiful white, red, coral, purple and pink varieties in the 1 gallon pots and for $1.86 per Azalea -- well, lets just say I planted over 20 of them on Sunday and still have more than 20 to go!! LOL! But I had a large area to do. Plus, it's rare that you can find a large number in the same variety in healthy condition all at once -- and at a great price to boot!! I've created a hedge in the little woodsy area at the back of our property (by the girls dollhouse and swingset) as well as lined a very large deck. They look so pretty now, I can't wait to see how much they grow and how they bloom next year!

    So, my advice, IF you want to do Azaleas, is to call Lowes and find out when they're getting a shipment. And then be there with your pickup truck (and Lowes card!) ready!! LOL!

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