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May 21, 2000
I am trying to find information about joining the EC. I thought I remember reading that if you are a DC member you were eligible to join EC at either no cost or reduced cost. I cannot find this on their site or from National. The rate I was quoted was high for the week. I am not having any luck with that site. They have a great special going on now but I am looking for August. I am not putting the DC code in the right place either. None the less I thought I could get a better rate than $433.38 for a nine day rental.
From the disneyclub website :

Membership fee waived in the Emerald Club

If you are a frequent traveler, National Car Rental has a program designed just for you! As a Disney Club member, you are eligible to join National's frequent renter club, fee-waived! Emerald Club offers simply A higher level of service if you're looking for a way to escape the headaches and delays of renting a car the usual way, National Car Rental suggests you try a better way. Emerald Club, National's premier level of service, gives members exclusive benefits and privileges to make renting faster, easier and traveling more enjoyable. It's easy to join, and when you do, you'll discover a whole world of choice, priority service and convenience each and every time you rent a car with National.
How to Redeem:
Call 1-877-603-0486 for your fee-waived membership application.

When I called, I was asked for my DC number. The form came fast, 3-4 days I think

Thank you for your help I am going to go to work to get the price down alittle. I think that not standing in a line for an hour will be a great perk. I think the problem is the time of year we are going. Oh well I have kids in High school they don't change gears well and they need to go to college and move out of the house someday.


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