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    Oct 27, 2005

    We are planning our next trip - Easter 2011 - having been twice before - always Easter, love the weather at that time of year - hot but not too hot and no humidity etc etc... We are a family of 4, Me, DH, DD(9) and DD(6) and therefore tied to school holidays. We have considered July/Aug but don't think we could handle the heat!!!!

    DH has recently started travelling a lot on business and therefore collects miles with American Airlines and BA (Executive Club). We also have a BA AMEX card which we use all the time to collect miles.

    My questions are....

    1. Can we 'pool' these miles together bearing in mind that they are both 'one world' members. We have about 46000 miles on the AA account which is enough, I believe, to get a return flight to Orlando. We will have plenty on the BA account to get another 2 flights I think.... but I'm concerned that we will have to book one BA flight using the AA miles and then the remaining 3 flights using the BA miles - which seems like to 2 separate bookings to me???:confused3

    2. When will I be able to book those flights using the miles? Because it is Easter I think I will need to get in quick.... I have read some posts saying the flights alone come out 11 months before (??) but Fly Drives a lot sooner (we can't book a flydrive using miles??? is that right?)

    Lastly.... We plan to stay a few days (about 5 nights) on site this time (always a villa before) and then the remaining 14 nights in a villa. We hope to stay at the Beach Club..... should I book the Disney hotel with or should I use other hotel booking sites? I assume that Disney hotel deals are few and far between unless you are doing Free Dining or something.

    Thanks for reading this somewhat long post and thanks for your help.:goodvibes


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