Help, two quotes on Western cruise and I don't know what to do.


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Oct 7, 2001
Here is the deal, I don't mind spending extra if it is worth it. I did a tour of both room at a site , the square footage almost doubles between Cat.3 and cat.4 ,however you also receive concerige service with Cat.3. Rates are based on family of three (one 6 yo). Cat.4 is 4171.31 or Cat.3 is 6531.31, this does not include air fare. When we go to WDW we do tend to spend more time at the resorts and in the room than most but I am not sure we would do the same on a cruise. Any coments or sugggestions will be so helpful. Thanks.:)


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Dec 3, 2001
This really depends on your own situation so much....
For us, the $1400 would be a big chunk of change. If it's more like a "bit extra" to you and your family, it might be worth considering.

With only 3 of you, you'll have plenty of space in the Cat. 4 - so no need to spend extra for that. Also, how much do you plan on using the conceirge service? If you only have to make a Palo reseervation and maybe one spa reservation, then I wouldn't consider that being worth $1400 to me... I'd just do it myself :)

As for spending time in the room - if this is your first time on DCL and you're taking a 6yo, I wouldn't expect to spend much time there. :) This will also depend on your child. Is she outgoing? Do you think she'd enjoy the clubs and never want to leave? If so, she could be there till midnight every night and you'd just be using the cabin to sleep.

Clear as mud? :)



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Apr 29, 2000
Just a note that, when going into Cat 3 and above, you can order room service off of the restaurant menus. Correct me if I'm wrong anyone but I don't think that you are stuck with the usual room fare with Cat 3 and above rooms.


Going down the road feeling bad!
Oct 7, 2001
Cruise, Thanks for some really ggod points. We have never been on a cruise and dd is extremly outgoing. I have never used concerige service at WDW so I usually make all of my own reservations. It is alot more than a big extra, it could actully factor in rather if we can do it this year or not. The only reson I am considering it is because it will be on our 10 year anniversary in Dec. Ripleys mom - It would be a large plus to eat in our room at WDW, but on a cruise would I really miss out on being in the restaurant?My husband would love to stay in some.Thanks again.


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