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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by nednora, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Aug 9, 2011
    We'll be at Epcot on Monday, Feb. 4th. We plan to get to the park around park opening. We'll have 2 kids (6 yo & 4 yo) with us. What would you do for dining if this was your first time in Epcot? Right now, we have lunch reservation at Biergarten. But I'm thinking this might be a good day to wander through the various countries for lunch and just pick up goodies along the way at various counter service spots.

    What would you do to make the best of your Epcot dining experience?

    We're going to the MSEP that night, so we won't eat dinner at Epcot.
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    Feb 18, 2011
    Do you have dining plan? Cause this might alter the answers...

    I just went thru all the menus today and picked out where I think we might want to eat...I picked France quickservice for the great desserts, and will prob sometype of sandwich or han and cheese crousant or quich,...then I picked norway quickservice again for the dessert and then a sandwich and fruit...and I believe both of these places have some pretty good coffee, then I picked Mexico...not it isnt the best mexican food you will ever have (We went last year and DH was with us and he is mexican and born and grew up there and while it was they best ever he liked it enough to go back a second time)...tacos and empanalldas were pretty good...chips arent the bext and the salsa isnt really hot (we like it hotter), the mexican soda is great and the churrios as well as the popciples are good. Also I picked the Maroccon quick service, I probably wont eat there but I thought the menu would really appeal to my sister (who is going with us this trip) and the items seemed healthier (which she requested), oh and baklavia for dessert. The last place I picked was the USA place...but only picked it cause they have a steak on the menu but I havent read reviews yet...
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    If you plan to spend a few hours in the World Showcase, then snacking your way around the world can certainly be fun. Desserts are plentiful, but so are "savory" snacks like pretzels in Germany, fish and chips in UK, ham and cheese croissants/etc. in France, etc.

    However, there is something to be said for stopping for a proper meal around lunchtime, especially with kids....otherwise, we still get the "when are we having lunch" question even if we've just eaten snacks for two hours solid! It also gives them a chance to rest.

    Biergarten has a fun atmosphere...Via Napoli is really good...or it can also be a lot of fun to meet Remy the rat at Les Chefs de France. My DD10's favorite meal at WDW is the Croque Monsieur (sandwich) at Les Chefs.

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    How nice of you to celebrate my birthday at Epcot!!!!!!!!!!!

    When we do Epcot we commit to a very light early breakfast and an ADR for let's say a late dinner (8-8:30pm) and then we snack around each country.

    There are so many tasty things to try and if we have a big sit down lunch, that ruins it, we do better with a late ADR! Important note, we share everything, that way we get to try all sorts of tasty things!

    Faves: France, creme brulee, eclairs, napoleons and the cheese plate. Norway, salmon open faced sandwich, Rice Creme, school bread Morocco, Schwarma platter, Great Britain, fish and chips, Mexico, churros, nachos China, pork egg rolls Germany Pretzels

    Sharing a bite or two of different things, having a light lunch like the open faced salmon or 1/2 of a a Norwegian club or ham on a baguette is how we like to do it best, then we have room for a late night dinner there or elsewhere, without appetizers and dessert and we're done!

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