Help! New Crocs!!!

Tinkerbelle's Mom

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Jan 8, 2007
I just got the crocs I ordered today! Yeah! There is one problem I ordered the pearl with pink strap and they sent the pink with pearl strap. Ordinarily this would not be a problem but dd saw them and wants us to have matching shoes. So if I keep the pink ones ---- what could I wear them with?!! :confused3 I will primarily use them for my WDW trip, DL day trips and around the house.

Oh by the way I am a croc convert because of these boards! My life will never be the same! LOL!!
Not sure I understand. What do you mean "what could I wear them with"? Do you mean like colour-wise? If so, I usually keep to fairly monochromatic outfits with my pink mickey crocs. Ie. denim bottoms with a blue top. I would just avoid lots of "loud" clothing with them. Ie. not a patterned top, with another coloured pair of shorts, and pink crocs lol.

Of course, if you meant something else, let me know (I've been having way too many blonde moments lately lol!)

I wear my crocs with EVERYTHING (haven't tried the nothing thing yet... :rolleyes1 ) The cool thing about them is once you start wearing them and are comfortable with the look you do wear them with just about everything.. Unless of course you are me and itch to get a new color any chance you get!:thumbsup2
I am definately not fashion concious but the only color I wouldn't wear with them is red or maybe orange. Anything tan, blue, green would be ok in my opinion. I think any other color would be great. They sound like really cute shoes!!! I would love pink with pearls. The only thing better would be pink with sparkly diamond/pink diamonds. I :love: sparkly things!!!

But in reality, especially at WDW, no one will remember what you are wearing -- and you will never see them again anyway. Just hang loose and enjoy the mother/daughter matching shoes!!! :thumbsup2


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