Help needed- adding names to existing contract


Mar 11, 2014
hi guys- I posted this is the DVC part of the forum and got some excellent information, but I wondered if anyone based in the uk could give me a brief overview of their experience...

The inlaws are DVC and would like to add us to the contract. So far we have the ROFR from Disney returned to add our names. What now? How do we get the new deeds notarised? Can we get someone in USA to do it or do we need to be physically present? Anyone used a notary in the uk? If so who? Any help/advice and recommendations is welcome! Also the cheaper the better ! (Although I have no idea how much this will cost?!) does it depend on the size of the contract? (1 contract for 450 points)

How long did it take you to do? We go home in just over 60 days and would like it done yesterday lol

Thanks for all your help and advice


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