Help me with my stateroom dilemma....

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by MAGICX2, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Aug 17, 2004
    We would like to surprise my Dad and Stepmother in 2012 with a Disney cruise for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. It will be the following people going:
    Myself, DH, DS11 and DD8
    My Sister and her Hubby (will be celebrating 1yr anniversary at same time)
    My Sister 16 and Brother 21
    My Dad and Stepmother
    Dad and Stepmothers BFF's, Jim and Paulette

    Here is the dilemma...
    We want to make this as cheap as possible and I don't know the best way to make that happen. Everyone in 11c? A suite and an 11c? 2 suites?
    There are so many options! There are a few definites....
    *We definitely want Dad/SM in a room of their own (probably a verandah) and also BFF's a room alone.
    *Sister and Hubby married 1 year could have room alone OR share and we would "make arrangements for alone time." :laughing:
    *My family(4) and sister16, brother21 can share a room if that is the cheapest route.
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    Dec 4, 2003
    Nothing involving a suite is going to be "cheapest."
    Frankly, with a group this size, I would definitely suggest a great TA who specializes in DCL and will speak to you on the phone with prices and options when you have your date.

    My thoughts...on the current ships.
    A cat 7 is the cheapest balcony cabin. They only sleep 3 people. There are some that have the "normal" balcony with a very minimal obstruction in the view. I have stayed in these, and you really don't notice the obstruction--it is minimal. This would be the least expensive way to get verandah cabins.

    It may or may not be a good idea to be in the same areas of the ship. You might enjoy a little separation.

    An 11C would be the cheapest inside cabin. They sometimes sell these for 4 people even though the actual cabin only holds 3. It's a guaranteed "upgrade" to an 11B.

    Frankly, cheapest will probably be to put those who want verandahs in a 2 cat 7s and those who don't care in 11Cs. Many times, you can get 2 cat 11Cs for the price of placing 4 people in an oceanview or balcony cabin, but with the 2 11Cs you have twice the number of bathrooms, TVs, storage space, etc. However, it has to be priced out for your dates.

    Are any of your people qualified for discounts? Like FL residents, military, etc. If so, remember that how you book does not have to be how you sleep. A person qualified for a military discount can book up to 3 cabins on that discount. If your parents (for example) were FL residents, you could book them in separate cabins to get the discount on each one....(one person in the cabin needs to be a FL resident) but your parents could sleep in one cabin while the "newlyweds" could sleep in the other...or whatever.

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